Yoshida Reveal Inspiration Behind PS4’s Design, Votes Journey As Best Game Of This Generation


Shuhei Yoshida, SCE World Wide Studios President has stated that the inspiration for the design and key features of Sony’s next-gen Playstation console, Playstation 4 came from Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls.

Yoshida With PS4In a recent Playstation Blogpost, Shuhei Yoshida said, “I was checking out YouTube videos of people playing the game because this game is perfect to learn from other players how to attack the same situation with very different strategies.”

He further stated, “Lots of things that Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls did leaving the messages to other people asynchronously – so you feel connected, but not really connected at the same time – all of these things inspired us when we were designing the system features for PS4.”

Yoshida was also asked, according to him, what are the best games of this generation?. To this Yoshida replied with the following list:

  1. Journey
  2. Demon’s Souls
  3. Dark Souls
  4. The Last of Us
  5. Uncharted 2
  6. Sound Shapes
  7. Persona 4: The Golden
  8. LittleBigPlanet
  9. Grand Theft Auto 5
  10. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare