YouTube Videos Now Supports 60 FPS, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Glitch Looks Phenomenal At 1080p/60 FPS


The announcement from YouTube to support “60” frame rate per second for videos posted on the site was well received especially by video game industry and gaming community. Today, YouTube started rolling out this new feature and the result we have seen so far, is indeed an amazing addition and a much needed one.


The basic requirement to watch video on YouTube is 60 frame rate per second is “Google Chrome and video should be watched in HD”. We have a video below, it showcases Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim glitch running at 60 FPS.

The uploader of the video says: THE ONLY VIDEO OF SKYRIM ON YOUTUBE RENDERED AT PURE 60FPS Skyrim Maxed out at pure 60 FPS + Lydia funny glitch At first I recorded this video to show you this funny glitch but I found out that Youtube plays it at 60fps

If you have any gaming video on YouTube running at 60 FPS, do share with us in the comment section below.