Yuji Naka: Nintendo 3DS is Cheaper than Expected

Nintendo has priced their upcoming handheld 3DS for 25,000 Yen ($300) and according to Sonic Creator Yuji Naka it is cheaper than what he has expected.

Yuji Naka

In an interview to one of the gaming site Yuji Naka said When I saw the 3DS at E3 I guessed it would be around 29,000 or 28,000 mark, but when it came out at 25,000 it was quite a bit lower than I expected,

He goes all praises for 3DS saying Compared to what it can do and the functionality it provides it is a very fair price I think… it’s very interesting, a great machine. Apart from the gaming functions I like the communication functions and at the same time as a creator I definitely want to do something using the platform.

He further added his future plan for Nintendo 3DS saying Given the opportunity I’d like to come up with a new game for the 3DS, not just Ivy the Kiwi? but something completely new. That’s what is great about the 3DS and what it deserves.