A new skip in Ocarina of Time might just change everything


Players running glitchless speedruns of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time have been trying to find a way through Gerudo Gate for years.

The gate acts as a barrier that players need to find access to in order to reach the final dungeons in the game. Players who run the glitched categories have always been able to use out of bounds glitches to get across the gate, but glitchless speedrunners haven’t had the same luck.

Now, things could be about to change for this speedrun, due to a trick found in the game that uses pixel perfect maneuvers to jump over the gate without the use of glitches. The feat itself requires a perfect bomb throw onto a particular wall while Link is falling off of a tower. This then propels Link forward over the gate without needing to complete the long side quest—saving minutes.

There has only been one instance of a player completing this new maneuver without the use of TAS, which is a speedrun controlled entirely by a computer program, since the trick was discovered. But the speedrunner has been unable to replicate the maneuver at all since getting it because your controller inputs need to be absolutely perfect.

In short, for a player to complete this trick, they need to have the right angle and position of Link when he throws the bomb, time the throw perfectly, and have the camera placement in an exact position to assist in movement—it really does feel impossible at this point.

Perhaps speedrunners will find another way to make this dream into a reality, but until then, they’ll be searching for an easier method to reform the Gerudo Gate trick in the future.