A Zelda speedrunning marathon is currently live

The 2017 ZeldaSpeedRuns Marathon is underway right now on Twitch.

The marathon aims to showcase a ton of different Zelda games in an attempt to get more people involved with the speedrunning community. The speedrunners do this by explaining exactly what they are doing in each run, as well as asking viewers what skips they want to see found next to make their runs even quicker.

There’s a huge mixture of Zelda games being played over the weekend, ranging from popular titles such as Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, as well as Philips CD-i games that Nintendo wanted you to forget about.

Unlike the popular Games Done Quick marathons, ZeldaSpeedRuns Marathon is mainly for fun and is made to entertain viewers. It isn’t done with charity in mind and exists to show off the best of the best, giving viewers a handful of different games and categories to watch and enjoy over the weekend.