• Killzone 3 Debut Trailer

    Sony continues to provide information of Killzone 3 at E3, where they will be in style.

  • Playstation Move will cost less than 60€

    The new device the Playstation Move (the motion-sensing controller for Playstation 3) will cost to a lower rate (approximate) of 60€. The company has confirmed an extensive catalog of packs, although the Move base consists of a driver, the PS Eye camera and a demonstration disk.

    Recall that the extra control Subcontroller (which serves to control the character and certain extra activities), which serves as the Wii nunchuck, may be replaced by the Dual Shock 3.

    Given the success of Pet Eye, Sony also made available to users with a pack with only one PS Move, for those who already have the PS Eye camera or want an extra controller.

    About PlayStation Move :

    PlayStation Move weighs 145 grams and has dimensions of 200mm x 46mm. It will have a three-axis accelerometer, a gyroscope, have three axles, and a magnetic field sensor. Outside, we have the four buttons PlayStation classic, though arranged in four corners of the center button Move, and not in the cardinal directions The Start and Select buttons on the remote side, plus a trigger and the Guide button to access the PS3 XMB.

  • Free-to-Play MMO The Mummy Online

    Universal Partnerships & Licensing and Bigpoint announce The Mummy Online a free-to-play game title, it will be completely based on the Universal Picture movie The Mummy, the game will see the incorporation all the adventure elements which are there in the movie.

    Players will be playing the heroic role in the game and will be possessing various skills and talents in the game. The development work of the game is handle by Disney Fairies: Pixie Hollow and Toy Story Mania: The Ride software veteran Schell Games. The release details is not yet confirm we will update you with it once we have the details about it.

  • Download Lost Planet 2 Patch on 7th June

    Lost Planet 2 Patch will be available for download for the gamers on 7th June. Capcom today reveal this information about the title update of Lost Planet 2. Playstation 3 gamers  can download the patch of Lost Planet 2 through Playstation Network and Xbox 360 gamers through Xbox Live.

    The patch details is given below:

    • There will be a updates to the parametrs of all the weapons
    • When a character dies the resawn are will see a changes, whereas for area of the boss gamers will be able to continue from  where they have left.
    • Dependng on the user feedback there has been system adjustment made for co-op.

    So don't forget to download the Lost Planet 2 patch through Playstation etwork or Xbox Live depending upon the type of console you are plaing the game.

  • ModNation Racers vs. Designers w/ Competition

    Want a Playstation 3 and lots of cash that too as a prize in a competition than this one is for you. Sony has teamed up with Hype Circle Media and has started a competition name ModNation Racers: Racers vs. Designers competition where the winner will be getting lots of prize. The List of Prize is lised below.

    • Cash Prize $2500 Grand Prize
    • Playstation 3
    • Extra Controller
    • ModNation Racers game
    • PlayStation Bluetooth headset and many more.

    How you can enter the contest:

    Go to modnation.overamerica.com and answer some of the question which will be based on drift racer and vinly designer. The contest has started and the last date is 20th June so what are you waiting for hurry up and try out your luck whose it might be your day.

  • inFamous 2 Confirmed

    inFamous 2 the sequel to the playstation 3 exclusive inFamous has been confirmed as it is feature on the cover of magazine Game Informer for its July 2010 issue. The official confirmation is still not out but it is expected to be in sometime soon and at a bigger and grand stage of E3.

    "A new look for hero Cole MacGrath is just the first step; a new city, new powers, and a powerful new foe" this all changes are there which will be featuring in the inFamous 2. You can have a more details information in an exclusive 10-page story of it.

  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Reveal

    Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock has been reveal by Activision. This new title will be the sixth title in the series and will be release for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii. GUitar Hero: Warrior of Rock will be releasing this fall.

    Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will include more than 90 tracks, featuring original songs, special re-records, and tracks from bands making their videogame debut. Activision hasn't revealed the entire set list, but whatever has been reveal we have it for you

    • AFI - "Dancing Through Sunday"
    • Avenged Sevenfold - "Bat Country"
    • Black Sabbath - "Children Of The Grave"
    • Buzzcocks - "What Do I Get?"
    • Children Of Bodom - "If You Want Peace... Prepare For War"
    • The Cure - "Fascination Street"
    • Def Leppard - "Pour Some Sugar On Me (Live)"
    • Dethklok - "Bloodlines"
    • DragonForce - "Fury of the Storm"
    • Drowning Pool - "Bodies"
    • Foo Fighters - "No Way Back"
    • Foreigner - "Feels Like The First Time"
    • Jane's Addiction - "Been Caught Stealing"
    • KISS - "Love Gun"
    • Megadeth - "Sudden Death"
    • Metallica & Ozzy Osbourne - "Paranoid (Live)"
    • Muse - "Uprising"
    • My Chemical Romance - "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"
    • Queen - "Bohemian Rhapsody"
    • Rammstein - "Waidmanns Heil"
    • The Rolling Stones - "Stray Cat Blues"
    • Silversun Pickups - "There's No Secrets This Year"
    • Slayer - "Chemical Warfare"
    • ZZ Top - "Sharp Dressed Man (Live)"
  • GoldenEye Coming to Wii and DS

    GoldenEye will be coming to Wii and DS as there has been news that Activision is planning to make an announcement in this regard at this months E3 event. The further information in this regard is that the development work of the game is handle by Eurocomand n-space.

    This is still not yet official confirm by Activision but it can be predicts as Activision is surverying around gamers regarding the new GoldenEye title for Wii and DS.