The best Minecraft mods (2020)

From decor to realism mods, we have it all.

Mods make a game fit your needs. They customize the experience, making for ideal game sessions. They can change the core of the game, making it harder; they can add additional animals to tame; or perhaps they just add some minor quality of life changes. These are in alphabetical order, not in order of importance or preference. Not all of the mods are up to date with the latest version of Minecraft. 


AstikorCarts is a horse-related mod that adds carts to horses. There are three different types of carts: basic cart, plow, and transportation cart. The basic cart was the original version of the mod. It has double chest inventory, and players can sit in the back of it to ride along. The plow can have three hoes attached to it and can also create dirt pathways. It has additional items planned, including chariots, stagecoaches, and open and closed carriages.

Biomes O’ Plenty

Image via Biomes O’ Plenty Wiki

Biomes O’ Plenty may feel redundant after the Nether expansion, but it adds additional surface world biomes to explore. Not only does it add biomes, but it also has recipes based on those biomes. If you want a cute pink door, there’s a biome with pink trees that will help you build your ideal multicolored homes. Biomes O’ Plenty will pair well with the new Nether biomes. There’s a slight overlap with colors. That overlap will let players have multiple shades and variations though their homes.


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Where would we be without a decor mod? CFM, or the Mr.Crayfish Furniture Mod, adds multiple furniture items that function like blocks. There are over 80 pieces of furniture, 40 of which are unique pieces. If your house needs a modern room and computer, then this is the mod for you. It adds items for gardens, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. 


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CHAS stands for Craftable Horse Armor and Saddles. Horses are easy to tame, but hard to ride. In vanilla Minecraft, you have to find the saddles — they cannot be crafted. Thanks to CHAS, horse armor can be crafted from existing materials. It’s expensive, depending on what armor you want to make. 


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Comforts is a minor quality of life mod that benefits solo players and groups. The mod adds two sleeping items with different functionalities than beds: hammocks and sleeping bags. The vanilla beds set a player’s spawn point, making it difficult to travel long-distance and sleep at the same time. The sleeping bag can be carried with players and used to sleep during the night. It does not set a player’s spawn point. Hammocks are the reverse of the sleeping bag — they can be used to sleep through the day and skip to the night. 


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Hwyla is an acronym for “Here’s what you’re looking at.” The mod is a non-invasive tooltip addition. When you hover over an item, it will give you more information in the description. For instance, it will also tell you which mod it came from. It’s a small addition, but it helps when you have many mods. If you’re building something from Biomes O’ Plenty, for example, knowing that the door is from the mod means you need material from that mod as well.


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Optifine is a core mod at this point. It boosts the performance, adds HD textures, improves frames, and more. It also has minimaps, although we still like VoxelMap. It works with shaders for the best quality experience.

Pet Your Wolf

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Taming wolves is a fantastic part of vanilla Minecraft and another mod from Mr.Crayfish. A dog army keeps enemies at bay, but it means little when all you can do is feed them meat now and then to make more dogs. Pet Your Wolf lets you, well, pet your wolf. All wolves should know that they’re good boys and girls. This mod requires Obfuscate in order to run.

Useful Backpacks

Useful Backpacks is an inventory expansion mod. The mod adds three different types of craftable backpacks. There’s a small, medium, and large backpack. Inventory expands depending on the size of the backpack. The backpack goes in the inventory and items can be added to it. If you die, your items and your backpack can be lost. While it might be convenient to carry more things, the risk to your items is greater.


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Minecraft is a huge, procedurally generated map — no two worlds are the same. The procedurally generated world keeps the game alive and interesting. It also makes it incredibly difficult to explore. While this may be part of the challenge for some, it’s a struggle for others. Voxel Map adds a minimap on the screen so players have some idea of where they are headed. It can be customized to show mobs before you approach. It also allows players to place waypoints and teleport to placed waypoints. It features both a minimap and a full size world map. The world map will only display the currently explored world.

Honorable Mention: RLCraft

Image via RLCraft wiki

RLCraft is a total rework of Minecraft that turns it into a survival adventure RPG. It is hard — the difficulty is infamous at this point. The mod adds new requirements such as thirst and ailments. It adds new craftables at every stage of the game. And most importantly, it adds mythical threats like dragons and griffins. Those threats want to kill you, and they will. You will die a lot. RLCraft has companion mods that add more layers to the game, like Reskillable that turns crafting into a skill tree.