How to farm experience in Elsword

The quickest ways to get to level 99.

Image via KGOG Studios

Leveling is an essential part of any MMORPG, but in Elsword, it takes on new importance. Each character gains access to jobs as you level them up, and each job can drastically change gameplay. This makes each character and each job very unique for players as they move through the game. Increasing your experience level can be a bit tedious, though. Here are some good ways to farm experience to quickly level up and get access to the jobs and features you want.

Hunting Fields and Field Bosses

This may be the easiest way to earn experience in the game. The Hunting Fields are the most common combat area, and every enemy in the area will earn you EXP if you defeat them. Each field will also have a chance of spawning a Field Boss. A field boss is similar to the bosses you will see in dungeons. They are a lot tougher than normal enemies in a field, and they also drop a lot more experience when they are defeated. The boss will also drop Evil Soul Orbs, which are very useful for earning experience using Ariel.

Please note that field bosses will not drop anything, including experience if you are in a field that is 10 levels above or below your current level. You can’t get too comfortable with any one field for too long before, you have to move on to the next. It is best to just move on to the next rank of hunting fields when you are ready instead of trying to stick around a lower level one.


Ariel can be found in any town except Ruben, and she is going to be the best friend of anyone wanting to grind experience. You can trade the evil soul orbs you earned from field bosses to Ariel for an EXP Boost Medal Cube. These cubes will contain an EXP Boost Medal that you can use to increase the rate you gain experience. Several different medals can give you an EXP boost ranging from 15% up to 100%. The boost percentage is chosen at random, and they do not stack. Luckily, if you have multiple medals, the game will use the one with the highest boost percentage. It is a good idea to just keep trading with Ariel until you get a 100% boost. These boosts only last for one day, so you will need to get a new one after 24 hours. It is good to get these medals as early as possible during a play session so you can maximize the experience you earn.

Hot springs and relax EXP

Elsword has a couple of hot springs that you can visit with your character. There is one in Lanox and another in Ruben. Both of the hot springs are marked with a sign with the word “SPA” on it. The hot springs allow your character to relax and gain a bit of EXP in the process. If you stand in the hot spring waters for six minutes, you will get a 30% experience gain stat buff. This buff will only last for 30 minutes. We suggest doing this near Lanox if possible because Ariel will not show up in Ruben.

The hot springs can also be used for Relax EXP. You earn relax EXP as you earn normal EXP during regular gameplay. Relax EXP has a separate experience bar that you can see if you click on your normal EXP bar. Once this experience bar is full, you cannot gain any more for the day. You can convert this experience to normal EXP by standing in the hot springs. The relax EXP gauge will slowly turn red as you do this to show the conversion progress. A full bar of relax EXP is worth 50% of your current experience bar.


Dungeons are a great way to earn both experience and unique gear and items. Dungeons are chock full of enemies and bosses that will drop a ton of EXP. This experience can be further increased with the help of EXP boosting gear and items like the EXP Boost Medal from Ariel. Which dungeon is the best for grinding experience is up for debate, but we recommend Dragon Nest in Bethma and Altera Core in Altera. Both of these dungeons are comparatively easy to run after you have done them a couple of times and drop a lot of experience with each run. If you don’t like these dungeons, almost any dungeon in Bethma can get the job done and are fairly easy to run. Altera’s dungeons can drop a lot of loot and experience, too, but tend to have more difficult bosses.

Events and Random Missions

Random missions and event quests usually give a ton of EXP along with some good loot. Random missions can appear in dungeons and will give you a random task to complete. If you complete the task successfully, you will get some extra EXP and a buff that can make the dungeon a fair bit easier. You can only get one mission per dungeon run, and if you fail a mission, you will not get another one until you start a new run.

There is always some kind of event going on in Elsword. The event quests are special quests created by the game admins and may be seasonal, related to the lore of the game, or just for fun. You automatically accept event quests when you log into the game, but you can always ignore them if you don’t feel up to playing them. Most event quests don’t actually have any EXP rewards, but they can give you some unique gear you won’t find anywhere else. There are a rare few event quests that give EXP as a reward. In these cases, the EXP reward is usually pretty big, so always check the quest when you login to see if it is worth pursuing.


A general rule of thumb when grinding experience is to avoid wearing promotional gear. Promotional gear is generally only good for aesthetics. Standard gears found through normal gameplay or purchases usually have some kind of small EXP boost. If you ditch the awesome looking promotional stuff in favor of the more boring standard gear, you will likely level up a little faster as every little bit of extra EXP will help.