How to farm Ticor Plate in Warframe

To infinity, and beyond.

Image via Digital Extremes

Ticor Plate is a new resource that was introduced to Warframe in Update 29.10.0, Corpus Railjack, on PC. It will be arriving on consoles with Update 30, Call of the Tempestarii.

Ticor Plate can be found in any Railjack missions, regardless of location or enemy type. It is a common drop from enemy craft, and will also drop from containers. There are two main methods of farming Ticor Plate.

The first method is to spam easy missions with quick clear times, normally on Earth Proxima. These are generally Skirmish missions and center around destroying any fighters and crew ships. Both types of ship will drop Ticor Plate, and players will be able to quickly finish and reload the missions, netting plenty of this new resource.

The second method is to play long missions that will result in more enemies, but those enemies will have a longer time to kill, depending on the players level and how far they have advanced in Railjack. While this method will yield more results per mission, the mission clear times will be slower, and the overall rate of farming can be lower.

We would only suggest the second method for players who have advanced their Railjack to the point where there is negligible difference in how long it takes them to kill these higher level fighters and crew ships, otherwise speed farming lower difficult missions is the quickest way to get this resource.