How to Get Eggs and Breed in Temtem


Breeding in Temtem allows you to get a new Temtem without the need to catch them. Offspring can have a variety of aspects that make up their parent Temtem, such as traits, techniques, and single values. This allows you to potentially create a unique Temtem that you could not catch in the wild.

Temtems and Fertility

All Temtems have a fertility value that dictates how many eggs they can produce, and how much they can breed. This limits the amount of breeding that any singular Temtem can do. Producing offspring will result in the loss of one fertility level. When the level drops to zero, it cannot be regained, and the Temtem can no longer breed.

To breed two Temtem, they need to share a type. If one or both of the Temtem have two types, then only one of the types needs to be compatible. When you have two Temtem of the same type, you can go to a Breeding Center and leave the Temtem there to begin the breeding process.

It can take 30 minutes real-time for the pair to produce the egg, then up to 45 minutes for the egg to hatch, once it is removed from the breeding terminal and place in your party.

The offspring will inherit the following from the parent Temtem:

  • Fertility – the lower fertility value, minus 1.
  • Techniques – the offspring can learn techniques from the parent Temtem that it would otherwise have to level up to know.
  • Traits – traits are randomly chosen, but it is possible to force a trait with particular items.
  • Single Values – single values have a 40% chance of being the higher value of the parents, a 40% chance of being the average, and a 20% chance of being lower.
  • Luma – normally, the chance of a Temtem being a Luma is the same as it would be in the wild, but this is multiplied x10 if a parent is Luma, and x100 if both parents are Luma.