Does Risk of Rain 2 have a final boss?

Is there a big bad monster waiting for you?

Risk of Rain 2 Artificer

Artificer fighting enemies.

Risk of Rain 2 see’s the series take a turn into 3D. The core gameplay is still the same, as you explore alien landscapes, take on hordes of vicious enemies, gather up gold, and open chests to find items. Each run is slightly different, as the location of Teleporters, available loot, and sometimes even the order of levels can all change. Each stage finishes with a boss fight, but does the game have an official final boss?

The answer is, yes. Now that the game has left early access and is fully released, the final piece of content has been added to the game. You can now end your runs by finding a new special teleporter that will bring you to an entirely new level.

Once you make your way through the level and arrive at an intimidating arena, you will need to take on the game’s final boss, a vicious character called Mithrix. It is a fun fight, and we would strongly advise you to go you into it blind so that you get to truly enjoy your first crack at this powerful enemy. If you do happen to need some help, we have a breakdown of the various stages of the fight that will help you out.

Once the fight is complete, prepare to run. You will only have a few minutes to make your way back through the level, avoiding various traps and enemies, and get to your dropship. If you can do it in time, the dropship will whisk you away to safety, and the game will be complete.