All of the Night City Gangs in Cyberpunk 2077

The streets are full of corruption.

Cyberpunk 2077

Image via CD Projekt Red

There are multiple gangs you encounter in Night City while playing Cyberpunk 2077. These gangs form the backbone of the crime happening in the city, and you can bet you’ll see them doing a variety of dangerous things when you meet them. They could have a job for you, or you will likely be fighting them when attempting to complete one of the many quests.

6th Street

The members of the 6th Street gang are veterans of the 4th Corporate War. Their goal is to serve and protect the community of Vista del Rey, believing the Night City police force is not up to the task. While they might have initially had patriotic reasons to create the gang, many of them hide behind that virtue to pursue their own goals.


The Animals are a gang who will respect you for your physical prowess, but if they detect an ounce of technology on your body or modifications, they’ll rip the carpet right out from under you. While they rely on their physical strength, they attempt to enhance it using animal-based supplements and have created a steroid drug called ‘the Juice’ that increases their speed and strength. They have a gang war with the Voodoo Boys.


The Lizzies are a gang obsessed with the singer Lizzy Wizzy and go out of their way to mistreat anyone who talks negatively about her. Lizzy is a chrome star and is a member of the Lizzy Wizzy and the Metadwarves.


The Maelstrom was created by leftover members of the Metal Warriors who were wiped out by the Inquisitors, who are more of a cult than a street gang. It’s also made up of members from the Red Chrome Legion and Ironsights. You can usually pinpoint their members as they wear distinct leather and chrome attire and have a variety of cyberwar attached to them. They attack anyone onsight but have a special place in their cybernetic heart for members of the Inquisitors.


The Mox was formed after the death of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Borden, who owned a strip club and went out of their way to protect her employees from mistreating by any of the customers. The gang members keep to this same doctrine and do their best to assure the protection of other working girls and prostitutes they encounter. Judy Alvarez leads them.

Steel Dragons

The Steel Dragons are a bōsōzoku gang, which means speed tribe. They primarily operate on motorized vehicles and roam the streets of Night City. They are initially a Japan-based gang founded by Yorinobu Arasaka. You can expect to find them roaming the streets on motorcycles and cars, causing trouble and engaging in violent gang wars against those who get too close to their territory.

Tyger’s Claw

Tyger’s Claw is a Japanese street gang in Night City and has claimed territory in Japantown. They prefer to keep away from the cyberware you can attach to your body in favor of using traditional martial arts and Japanese weapons against their opponents. They are in a territory war against the Steel Dragons.


Valentino’s are an interesting gang because they hold no territory and have no goal to conquer or battle other gangs. However, they target gorgeous women, and the more difficult they appear to attract, the better. After sleeping with the woman, they reconvene with the other gang members four times a year to compare notes against their targets. They cause no physical harm to others, but they do cause a great deal of strive for the woman’s partner if she has one at the time.

Voodoo Boys

The Voodoo Boys are a terrorist gang that also has a variety of drug dealers that peddle their product through the streets of Night City. Because of their heavy drug use, they target university students who find the appeal of their psychedelic products but never consider them full members. They are led by Brigitte and have a notable rivalry with the Animals.


The Wraiths are a Nomad group that operates in the badlands of Night City and has frequent conflicts against another nomadic group called the Aldecaldos. They mostly roam their territory at night, attacking those who are sleep. Dogkiller leads them, and some say he wears human skin as clothing.