Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Deft Digger and Creatures of The Earth Achievements

These creatures hide right in plain sight.

Image via Capcom

There are two achievements in Monster Hunter: World Iceborne that you can complete side by side, and they’re all about the new endemic life you can find in the snowy region. Unfortunately, these animals only appear in specific locations, and even then, they’re difficult to find. To complete the Deft Digger and Creatures of The Earth achievements, you need to first complete the base game, and you’re on the search for Moly.

After you’ve completed the base game, you should have access to all of the areas you need to visit to find these creatures. You can find Moly in four locations, and here they are, broken down by region.

  • Forest: Area 6, near the northern exit.
  • Wildspire: Area 8, above the large slope.
  • Coral: Area 10, by the fishing spot.
  • Rotten: Area 12, hard to spot, by the yellow plants and bones.

Because these creatures are easily frightened, we recommend you have a ghillie mantle on your person when attempting to approach them. When you see one appear in front of you, make sure to have your capture net ready.

While these locations are exactly where you need to find them, you won’t always find these small creatures nearby. They have to spawn in, and you need to have a little luck that they appear when you’re there.