Warframe – How To Quickly Catch Rare Servofish

Here fishy, fishy!


This week in Warframe you will be catching rare Servofish. It is one of Nora Night’s challenges for Nightwave, and if you want that sweet loot, you will need to break out your fishing rod! Servofish live in pools of liquid on Orb Vallis, Venus. They are autonomous machines, not actual fish because no real fish could survive in the weird liquids that form these pools.

What Is A Rare Servofish?

There are three types of rare Servofish, all originally made by the Orokin. You can spot them easily because, like all things of Orokin origin, they look very fancy and tend to have gold trim.

  • Tromyzon – found in Ponds, prefers freezing weather.
  • Charamote – found in Caves, prefers warm weather.
  • Synathid – found in Caves, prefers warm weather.

How To Catch Rare Servofish

The first thing you need to catch rare Servofish is a Shockspear. You can get these in Fortuna, from The Business, for a small amount of standing. While all the rare Servofish have a specific bait you can use to increase their chance to spawn, you don’t actually need this for this method. Just make sure the weather is Warm before you start, to increase the chance of a Charamote spawning. That said, it will make things go a little faster if you do use bait. You can buy the bait from The Business if you have the correct rank with the Solaris Syndicate. You will need to have achieved the “Doer” rank, so don’t worry if you haven’t.

Servofish Locations

Now, travel to the cave shown on the map above. You want to enter the cave shown between the mouse cursor and the player location marker. Venture inside, and you will come to a small pool. Even without a bait, this pool has a great chance to spawn a Charamote.

If you have a Luminous Dye, feel free to use one, it will make the Servofish much easier to see. If you don’t have them, you can buy the blueprint from Fisher Hai-Luk at Cetus for 500 Standing. It is not essential, but does make fishing easier.

Now, use your Shockspear to start catching fish. Just equip the Shockspear, then line up the cursor with the fish and throw it. Hit the throw button a second time when the moving bar is in the red portion of the fishes health bar to catch it.

Be sure to catch any fish that spawn, don’t just wait for the Charamote. Cave pools can only hold so many fish, so if you catch all of them, it will force more spawns, increasing the chance of a rare Servofish spawning.

Be sure to use bait, if you have any, but this cave seems to have a pretty high chance of spawning Charamote servofish during warm weather cycles. If you want to know what the weather is like on Orb Vallis before leaving your Orbiter, you can check on the main Alert List in your ship.

And that’s it! I snagged all the rare Servofish I needed in about 15 minutes, without using any bait. This cave has never let me down when I needed Charamotes.

It also appears that having a Smeeta Kavat with you will double the catch when their luck is working, but a Resource Booster will not count towards the number you need for the Act to complete.

Lower Lake

If you don’t have any luck catching Charamote Servofish at the cave, you can try the lake marked above, at the bottom of the map, where Tromyzon will often spawn. The weather will need to be Cold from the Tromyzon to spawn, so thankfully, you now have an option to go after regardless of what the weather is like on Orb Vallis.

Best of luck Tenno, and enjoy your hopefully brief time spent fishing for rare Servofish!