Warframe – Where To Find Coolant Raknoid

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The Buried Debts update for Warframe has just arrived on consoles, so you may be wondering where to find a Coolant Raknoid! These spider-like robotic enemies are needed for the new update, as they drop canisters of coolant that can be used to seal Thermia Fractures.

Where To Find Coolant Raknoid

Coolant Raknoid Location

To find these new enemies, load into Orb Vallis, and then head for the Temple of Profit. The Exploiter Orb patrols that area and will have a group of Coolant Raknoids following her around.

Coolant Raknoid

Be careful here, the Exploiter Orb doesn’t take damage and hits like a truck, so you want to get in and out as fast as possible. Coolant Raknoids are also pretty tough, with very strong Proto Shields that recharge quickly. A well built Arca Plasmor will eat them alive, however.

Get in as quick as you can, and destroy a Coolant Raknoid. It will drop a canister then you can grab, then get out again.

How To Use Coolant Canisters

Dotted around the map will be some Thermia Fractures. You can see them pretty easily from the air, as they are large flames that shoot out of the ground. Find one, and land on it, and you will a place where you can put the coolant canister. Now you need to defend the canister from enemies that will endlessly spawn. Hit 100 on the counter, and the Fracture will be sealed.

Repeat this process four times to fill the canister, and get some of that sweet condensed Thermia. Each time you fill a canister, you will earn 4 Thermia, and also earn 7 points towards the Buried Debts event. You need to score 100 points in total to earn all the various prizes you can get.

Don’t forget; you also need to track down all the Data Hashes and scan them, so be sure to use our useful guide to help you find them! So, now you know where to find a Coolant Raknoid, and what to do after you track them down. Best of luck, Tenno!