How to get the Throwback Challenge 2020 Champion research tasks in Pokémon Go

The Throwback Challenge Champion research tasks are available to a limited few.

Pokémon GO

Screengrab via Pokémon

Pokémon Go is celebrating the history of the Pokémon franchise by having a series of Throwback Challenge 2020 research tasks. These tasks are available for a limited time, and they’re broken up into weekly events. It all starts on May 1 and ends on May 29. Once those wrap up, the Throwback Challenge Champion research tasks will become available, but not for everyone.

If you want to have access to the Throwback Challenge 2020 Champion research tasks, you need to complete each of the limited-timed challenges offered in Pokémon Go. These Throwback Challenges start on May 1 with the Kanto region, followed by the Johto, Hoenn, and then Sinnoh region. We have the full timetable of those events available for you to review to ensure you don’t miss any of the eight available research tasks for each event.

After you complete each of the research tasks available for the event, players will have gain access to the Throwback Challenge Champion research tasks. You need to have completed all eight research tasks each week. The Champion research tasks will have unique rewards for hardworking players, such as guaranteeing access to the Galarian Pokémon coming to the game. These Galarian Pokémon include Meowth, Zigzagoon, Darumaka, and Stunfisk.

Much like the regional Throwback Challenges, the Champion research tasks are only available for a limited time. They unlock for everyone who qualifies for them on June 3 and continues until June 8. For trainers who don’t have access to the Champion research tasks, there are other ways for you to obtain Galarian Pokémon when they become available in Pokémon Go starting on June 3.