When do Galarian Pokémon arrive to Pokémon Go?

Galarian Pokémon are coming to Pokémon Go.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

There are eight different regions in Pokémon, and each of them has a unique series of Pokémon to them while also containing some of the originals from previous titles. Pokémon Go allows you to travel the real-world to discover them, and developers Niantic have slowly introduced more and more Pokémon to it from the Nintendo games. Now, Galarian Pokémon are set to make their debut to Pokémon Go.

Players have a few ways to access to Galarian Pokémon, and that’s going to be with through the Throwback Challenge Champion research tasks. These tasks are only available for those who beat the four Throwback Challenges. These challenges start on May 1, beginning with the Kanto region, and goes all the way through to the Sinnoh.

However, during the event time, those who did not gain access to the Champion research tasks will be able to encounter the Galarian Stunfisk in the wild and obtain Galarian Meowth, Zigzagoon, and Darumaka through 7-kilometer eggs.

To make sure you stay on top of these challenges, here are the respective times for each one. The time of these tasks occur in your timezone:

  • Kanto: May 1 at 1:00pm to May 8 at 1:00pm
  • Johto: May 8 at 1:00pm to May 15 at 1:00pm
  • Hoenn: May 15 at 1:00pm to May 22 at 1:00pm
  • Sinnoh: May 22 at 1:00pm to May 29 at 1:00pm

After these tasks wrap up, starting on June 3, everyone who completed the available tasks for these special events will then have access to the Throwback Challenge Champion tasks. These tasks are also on a timetable, starting on June 3, and you have until June 8 to complete them. During the event, you’ll have more tasks to complete, giving you opportunities to have random encounters with Galarian versions of Stunfisk, Zigzagoon, Darumaka, and Meowth. You can evolve each of these Pokémon into their final Galarian forms, too.

The Galarian Pokémon are making their debut at this time, but it’s unknown of other methods for players to gain access to these Pokémon. Not everyone will be able to capture them, and they won’t be widespread.

We can expect to hear about how else trainers can gain access to additional Galarian Pokémon through future events, and we can bet Niantic has more quests and opportunities for trainers to capture more to add them to their collection.