Watch Dogs has the potential to beat GTA V?

Watch Dogs has the potential to beat GTA V?. My opinion is big YES, going by all the details i have seen in the latest Watch Dogs demo plus a full support of PS4 and next-gen Xbox, GTA V and Rockstar Games have to be at their BEST to come out on top this Holiday Season. We have listed below few facts about both GTA V and Watch Dogs. VOTE BELOW for you choice and also share you opinion in the comment section below.

GTA V vs Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs vs GTA V: Positive Signs for Ubisoft

On February 20, Ubisoft showcased brand new gameplay demo of Watch Dogs, it looked both astonishing and amazing. The demo that Ubisoft showed off displayed (first look) the technology that gamers will be able to witness on their new PS4 (even though it was running on a high-end PC with specification close to PS4).

Watch Dogs PS4 Screen 1

Watch Dogs' environment, settings, surroundings and massive open world all looked perfect and incredible in the new demo. Our lead character, Aiden Pearce was shown doing cool things like hacking someones ATM pin number by just using cellphone and then going all-out to steal money via nearby cash-out.

Watch Dogs PS4 Screen 2

Recently Rockstar Games discussed the possiblity of GTA game with futuristic setting, but guess what, the game is already here in the form of Ubisoft's Watch Dogs.

With Watch Dogs, Ubisoft took a bold move of redefining the definition of "Futuristic Setting" with respect to games. For them it no longer mean flying cars, aliens and all other over the top extras. Watch Dogs with futuristic setting means, gorgeous looking cities and surroudings controlled by major technologies, and gamers plying up information about any soul they encounter just by a tap on their mobile device.

Watch Dogs PS4 Screen 3

In short, all the things we have seen so far about Watch Dogs leads only to two thing, firstly the game has the full potential to become one of the top notch game on both current as well as next-generation consoles, and secondly it possess all fan favourite gameplay element to beat GTA V.

Watch Dogs vs GTA V: Negative Signs for Ubisoft

No doubt Ubisoft took some sorts of inspiration from GTA series for Watch Dogs. So the biggest concern of gamers right now is, Watch Dogs may turn out to be less enjoyable and more repetitive than GTA series.

Watch Dogs PS4 Screen 4

Furthermore, fans are expecting new dimensions from both Watch Dogs and next-generation consoles (PS4 and next-gen Xbox) such as much better A.I, bigger environments, better physics etc.

Lastly, If Rockstar Games decide to port GTAV as a launch title for PS4 and next-gen Xbox, things would really get more interesting between these two titles.

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