Female Lead in GTA V: An Awesome Idea?

A female protagonist in GTA V would have been an awesome idea, but by making all three main protagonists in GTA V (Micheal, Trevor and Franklin) of the same sex (i.e M for MALE) Rockstar Games missed a golden opportunity.

For the first time in the franchise history they could have easily created any one of the three lead protagonist as female for single-player portion of GTA V, and would have left the other two as male protagonists for players who prefer playing male lead.


For players who think GTA series and female protagonists doesn't go hand in hand and the franchise is all about men and only men, do you remember "Catalina from GTA: San Andreas"?. She was much better than Carl Johnson, and players had some awesome moment during their journey in San Andreas.

Females in Grand Theft Auto series have been portrayed in numerous roles such as "wives, girlfriends, pole dancers and more" but not game in the franchise had a female lead. So enjoying GTA V universe as a bad-ass female protagonist would have been an altogether different experience, but alas for fans this is not going to happen.

The topic of "female lead protagonist in GTA" has received mixed response from fans. Some says its a great idea, whereas majority are of the opinion that female lead doesn't suit GTA series. Here as a perfect example, a comment from Kotaku reader on Female Lead GTA topic:

"I do feel sorry for all the women enjoying GTA while waiting for a female protagonist, but I think it wouldn’t suit the game in the same way as Vercetti or Bellic has and will do respectively.

"I apologies to the women but I think men look better (personally)"

But What Rockstar Games think about a Female protagonist in GTA series topic, we have not idea whatsoever.

All i would like to see from Rockstar Games is a female lead protagonist with her own gameplay story and mission (by any mean either in main mission or via DLC).

What you guys have to say about "Female Lead in GTA V: An Awesome Idea?". VOTE Below and also Share you views with us in the comment section below.

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