What Faction do you personally support the most in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 Factions

In Fallout 4, there are several factions with different agendas to rule the Wasteland. The Player can either be part of one of four main factions or to go independent. The game includes several minor factions which can either be neutral, friendly or hostile towards the player and each other. So here we have the Four Main factions that you will support during you gameplay in Fallout 4. There are Four Primary Factions with different goals and interests and you get to choose one of them to end the Game with.

Fallout 4 Factions

The Institute
The Institute is the most advanced organization running in Commonwealth. Their Goal is to produce Synthetic humans they call it as the Synths which are high enough quality to pass the truly human quality. The Insitute will offer the player to join their faction and complete multiple quests to guarantee their power and autonomy over the Commonwealth. Being the most advanced organization the Institute has many powerful energy weapons at its disposal, advanced AI, and other robotic technologies.

The Railroad
An Underground Movement with an aim of freeing sentient Synths from their creators at the Institute. The members of the Railroad have only one mission in mind - to save and help the synths who wish to escape The Institute who use them as manual labor and slaves. You can Join the Railroad by completing the Mission Road to Freedom. Relations with The Minutemen may or may not be affected, but with other faction, they do get while completing the Last Mission - The Nuclear Option.

The Brotherhood of Steel
This faction tries to follow a neo-knightly military order that rose on the West Coast in the years following the devastation of 2077. Their main objective is to eliminate all the mutants, synths, and the veneration of technology. This faction avoids sharing any resource to their fellow wastelanders. According to the Brotherhood of Steel, technology will bring the Wasteland shortage of resources so they avoid sharing with outsiders, and in many cases will put technology above human life.

The Minutemen  
The most benign faction from all of the above as their choose to stay ally with any of the other factions, The Institute, Brotherhood of Steel, or The Railroad(if a player wants to). The only thing the Minutemen will ask the player to do is to lead the Minutemen faction and complete tasks to align more settlements with the Minutemen. Depending on how and which action of your choice may initiate a war against other factions, but the Minutemen seem fairly neutral in comparison to the other factions. Being a Neutral faction, their quests or mission will don’t seem to bother the other factions.

So Which Faction do you personally want to support the most in Fallout 4.