Apex Legends – How To Fix Error Code 100

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All you want to do is play as Crypto, but you keep getting hit with an Error Code 100 message when you try to load up Apex Legends. It’s a painful feeling to lose precious gaming time to errors, so we will do our best to let you know what is going on.

Apex Legends – How To Fix Error Code 100

Connection issues are something of a bad news situation, no matter what the problem is. I’d hazard a guess that a problem with your connection is at the top of the list, though, so the first thing to do is find out if you are the only one affected. In this case, you certainly are not alone, and lots of people having been getting hit with errors.

The issues appear to be happening across EA as a whole, rather than just a specific game. As such, there isn’t much that you can do right now, and you need to hang on in there until EA resolves what is a pretty serious issue across their game servers.

You should be aware of how to troubleshoot your connectivity issues, however, so make sure you read the EA Help website dedicated to helping you fix connectivity problems during the downtime.

Some people have reported that they can get the game working if they change their data center, but that doesn’t seem to be a guaranteed fix.

Mostly, such things involve patience, as it is just something that EA needs to get worked out on their end. Sadly, you more than likely won’t be able to log on to another EA game, as the issue seems to be affecting all their servers at this point.