Warframe – How To Kill The Profit-Taker

The Profit Taker in Warframe is a massive spider-like war machine that can be found on Orb Vallis, Venus. It mostly acts as a background piece, and a story mechanic, unless you are taking part in a Heist for Eudico. If you want to kill it, you will need to have access to the fourth mission in the Heist.

How To Fight The Profit Taker

To get access to the Heist missions for Eudico, you need to reach the rank of Old Mate with the Solaris United Syndicate. To do this, earn standing, then pay the relevant fees to upgrade your rank. It won’t take too long at all; the only real slow part is that your Standing will be capped each day, and that cap depends on your Mastery Level. The majority of players will already be well on their way to max rank with the Syndicate, if not there already.

Just do activities like missions, fishing, and conservation on Orb Vallis to earn plenty of Standing. Also, make sure you have plenty of different type of Debt-Bonds because you will need these to increase your rank. Always make sure to check with Eudico what your next sacrifice will need to be so that you know what you need to collect while doing missions.

You will need to play through all the Heist Missions to be able to get access to the fight, and you cannot be carried into it by someone else unless you have an Archgun Deployer, which you get from the Heist missions themselves.

How To Kill The Profit Taker

To put it bluntly, the Profit Taker is an awkward and confusing fight when you first experience it. The good news is that it is also a regular farm for more experienced players, so at least one person in your group should know what they are doing. The fight can be broken down into several distinct stages.

Stage One

This stage is all about taking down the Profit Taker’s shield. The Profit Taker will show the icon of one of the game’s damage types at the front of the model, showing the type that her shield is vulnerable to. This will cycle every 20 seconds, or if you hit it with Void damage from your Operator. Just cycle the type to an element that you have equipped, then damage the shield. Just keep cycling the damage types, and doing damage, until the shield is gone.

When her shield drops, you need to switch to your Archgun, using the Archgun Deployer you will have in your Gear wheel. Shoot her legs until the health bar is gone, then hit her in the body. This phase ends when you reduce her to 75% health.

Stage Two

The Profit Taker will send out four Pylons. These will leave arcs of energy back to the Profit Taker, and she cannot be damaged while they are active. Get to them quickly and destroy them. Their own shield protects them, so you need to run into the bubble to damage them. Once they are destroyed, she will once again be susceptible to Archgun fire. Just like before work over the legs then the main body. This phase ends when her health hits 50%.

Stage Three

Just like the first stage, her main shield is back, and you need to rotate the damage type and strip it away. After that, use the Archgun on her body, then she will send out six more Pylons. Just take these out as you did the first group, and it is on to the final phase.

Stage Four

A timer will start, giving you five minutes to finish the fight before the Profit Taker reaches its target location. Nothing else changes, so work over the shield, rotate the damage type when you need to, then damage her body with the Archgun. Once you finish her off within five minutes, you are good. The Profit Taker will drop loot, so grab it and then get out of dodge. She will explode, so you want to switch to Archwing and head back to Fortuna to hand in the mission.

Tips For Newer Players

If it is your first time fighting the Profit Taker, and you can’t do much damage to her, then support the other players. Endless waves of enemies will spawn, and be quite annoying. Take them all out when you can, and be sure to take out their Beacons as well.

If you notice a player in your group is doing a lot of damage to the Profit Taker, especially her shields, then don’t hit the shields with Void damage. Let them take the lead when it comes to changing their damage types.

Finally, if you want to get to the point where you are doing a lot of damage yourself, you will need to get into Archwing missions and get your Archgun mod collection going. You can also use Arbitrations to earn Archwing Rivens.