Warframe – How To Do Magnetic Damage, Complete The Attractive Nightwave Challenge

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Magnetic damage in Warframe is one of six secondary elemental damage types. It is caused by mixing two different primary elemental types in your mods build. Magnetic damage will do increased damage to shields, so it is especially effective against the Corpus. Magnetic damage will cause a status known as Disrupt, which will amplify the damage done to shields of the afflicted target by 100 percent for six seconds.

Further procs will add a further 25% damage increase, maxing out at 10 stacks and 325% damage. Each proc will have its own duration, and further procs will not reset the duration.

If a player is hit with Magnetic damage, it will also drain their energy. A total drain of 250 energy will take place over four seconds.

To complete the Attractive Nightwave Challenge, you need to get 150 kills with Magnetic Damage.

How to Do Magnetic Damage

Magnetic Damage

To cause magnetic damage, you need to mix the Cold and Electricity primary damage types. This can be done by equipping a Cold mod and an Electrical Mod on any weapon. As you can see in the image above, the two mods interact to create Magnetic damage.

There are also some weapons in the game that do innate Magnetic Damage. While it is almost certainly easier just to use mods to get whatever elemental effect you need, it is good to know which weapons do a damage type that you can then easily boost using mods. Below you will find a list of the weapons that do Magnetic Damage:

  • Battacor (Primary)
  • Opticor (Primary)
  • Opticor Vandal (Primary)
  • Simulor (Primary)
  • Synoid Simulor (Primary)
  • Gammacor (Secondary)
  • Synoid Gammacor (Secondary)
  • Halikar (Melee)
  • Kogake (Melee)
  • Kestrel (Melee)

The Warframe Mag will also do Magnetic damage with her first ability, and also with her last ability, making her a very easy way to finish this challenge quickly. You should have no trouble wrapping this up fast, however!