What Is The Fastest Adventure In Destiny 2?

What is the fastest adventure in the game?

Destiny 2

The Solstice of Heroes has arrived in Destiny 2, and people are looking for the fastest adventure in the game. Part of the event has Guardians trying to upgrade their Solstice of Heroes armor, and you need to complete adventures to get it done. In this guide, we detail to you the fastest adventure in Destiny 2.

What Is The Fastest Adventure In Destiny 2?

You can find the fastest adventure in Destiny 2 on Mars. There go to Anna Bray, and you should be able to get adventures from her. If you have never done the adventures before, they are marked by orange symbols on the map.

The fastest adventure is Hephaestus. The other adventures, Incursion, Deathly Tremors, and Psionic Potential are quick, but Hephaestus is by far the shortest among them. You need to finish three adventures for the armor piece requirement, so quickly knock them out, and then you can move on to the next requirement. We would advise you to stick to Mars to get all the adventures for your Solstice Armor or Triumphs complete, as they are all designed to be quite fast, and are much quicker than most other planets. This is more than likely down the specific design of the DLC that introduced them to the game.

Don’t forget to work on the other requirements while doing the adventures. You can generate the energy orbs and get the precision kills you need for different parts of the armor requirements. Keep in mind; you can complete everything in the game quicker with friends. If you want to race through the armor requirements, then team up with fellow Guardians.