How to find glowing fragments in Remnant: From the Ashes

More glowing fragments are always good.

There’s a new currency in Remnant: From the Ashes that comes with the latest Swamps of Corsus update called glowing fragments. These items are what you bring to Whisper, the latest NPC to join your camp, who has access to a wide variety of cosmetic armor sets on his storefront.

To obtain glowing fragments you need to play through the game’s new survival mode. You can access the survival mode while in Camp 13 from the World Stone. When picking what adventure you’d like to play, on the right side is the new survival mode where you can pick between four new difficulty modes.

You can find glowing fragments on each of the difficulty modes. You can find it by taking down the harder enemies that spawn into your game, and sometimes the bosses drop them after you eliminate them from a level. Each glowing artifact you pick up goes into your inventory and adds to your overall collection.

The more times you participate in the survival mode and on hard difficulties, the more glowing fragments you can acquire.

When you’re ready, go and visit Whispers in your camp after running through the survival mode several times. He has a wide variety of armor sets you can purchase, all at varying prices. If you want to add them all to your collection, you best hunker down and continue to run through the survival mode, ramping up the difficulty each time.