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Rebooting a video-game franchise like Devil May Cry is not an easy task. The series has been around for 12 long years with great mythology and countless number of die-hard fans. But still Capcom decided to take the risk and ordered Ninja Theory (development team behind Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West) to go back to drawing board with the entire DmC Devil May Cry series. Fans were happy with the decision of Capcom to reboot DmC Devil May Cry series, however the gamble of transferring the development rights from in-house development to an outsider (Ninja Theory) was met with severe criticism from fans.

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Now that DmC Devil May Cry is available in retail stores across the globe, it our time to find out whether Capcom's gamble of rebooting DmC series with Ninja Theory paid off or not? and Whether the reboot breath new life into the series or not?. Let find out answers to these questions in our DmC Devil May Cry Review below.

The GOODs:


In DmC Devil May Cry reboot we not only see a new Dante (with respect to style, attitude and more) but also a new story that perfectly match our lead character. DmC Devil May Cry plot take place during younger years of Dante. In the start of the game, he is unaware of his identity however with the assistance of Kat and his brother Vergil, Dante will unveil the lid from his past and eliminate the demon responsible for killing his father (Sparda).

Gamers will approximately take 10 to 12 hours to complete the game (20 missions), i know it's not the longest by any mean if we take into consideration the need of gamers in today's time, but all 20 missions are extremely well-placed by Ninja Theory throughout the game, and so artificially lengthy feeling is eliminated (which is hardly seen nowadays in action-adventure game). At the start of the game, you might feel that mission structure splits is odd, but as time passes you will get used to it.

Furthermore, Ninja Theory has expanded few aspect (i.e certain things you already know from first game) in the reboot DmC Devil May Cry just to add more stuff of game's story and give it their own flavor and taste.


DmC Devil May Cry gameplay almost remain the same except few changes here and there. It is mostly about flurry of melee attacks perfectly supported with one of the most brutal shooting combos and all credit for this goes to endless supply of ammo in the game. Players performance in the game is measured based on style and efficiency. In addition to all these, Dante's abilities will get unlock at a steady pace throughout the game and so this tempt players to replay the game again and again to improve their previous score. Orbs from previous DmC games makes a comeback, gamers can make use of it to buy items or weapons abilities. Regarding DmC Devil May Cry controls, its smooth and easy to understand (no matter whether you are a newcomer to the series).

All in all, DmC Devil May reboot stills remains a fantastic game, Ninja Theory has really done an exceptional job and has complete refresh the series to such an extent that even DmC veterans will love an enjoy.

Dante's Weapons:

In DmC Devil May Cry reboot, Dante basically has four types of weapon. First one is his sword Rebellion, it is basically a mid-line (neither it is fast nor brutal) but nonetheless it still can cause plenty of damage. Second of the list is Demon and Angel weapon, which server as a mix up to melee. Angel weapons are possess two features, fast but less damaging, whereas Demonic weapons are slow and heavy hitting.

Dante's signature guns Ebony and Ivory rounds off his weapon section. To make use of these weapons, hold RT and press an attack button (for Demon weapon), whereas hold LT and press attack button (for Angel weapon). Pressing neither results in Dante using his sword Rebellion.


Ninja Theory's DmC Devil May Cry might look short to some, but the game offers re-playability value of top notch. Gamers have several reason to come and play the game again and again. First and the foremost reason is Secret Mission, which will be unlock via keys of mysterious doors in every mission. For successfully completing a secret mission, gamers will earn a reward which will help Dante increase Devil Trigger and his Health Bar reading.

Collecting all collectibles in DmC Devil May Cry is another reason why gamers will come back and play the game. During your second playthrough, if you objective is to get SSS rank, and you must go for finding keys, free souls and secret doors.

The Bads:

Minor Graphics Glitch:

DmC Devil May Cry comes with its share of few graphical glitches here and there?, frame-rate and camera issues which make it difficult to lock on an enemy in combat. At times some textures in DmC Devil May Cry appeared muddy, however this isn't a big issue as compare to screen tearing during cut-scenes (mostly during early part of the game). With respect to sound, DmC Devil May Cry sounds great as everyone expect it to be.


Ninja Theory's DmC Devil May Cry managed to capture everything that made the original franchise so great. Our beloved lead character Dante look bit different (or i should say funny), but he is still at its Brutal best. As mention above, the game has its fair share of glitches here and there, but nothing game-breaking to soured experience of veterans and new fans. DmC Devil May Cry reboot might not be a DmC game that everyone wants, but still it's an interesting take on an series and so worth a try.

Rating: 8/10

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