StarCraft 2: Wings Of Liberty Review (PC)

12 year wait was finally over when StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty a sequel to StarCraft was released on 27th July and the highly anticipated game title doesn't disappoint anyone and has live up to the expectation. Going by all the details in StarCraft 2 the developers has done a good job of respecting the source material, that you will be getting the feel of playing the same game but this is not the real case. The sequel has both qualities fresh and familiar  in it.

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Fresh and Familiar Gameplay :

The single player gameplay consist of a 30 multi objective mission and each one of them manages to stay fresh thanks to Blizzard which added a new units and various play-changing scenarios for each and every mission in the game, to give you a few example on this, in one of the scenario gamers needs to damage and destroy 100 infected buildings and they have a freedom of destroying during day time but mudt retreat back to their base in night as their enemies re-spawn at rapid pace that too in large numbers in wee hours.

Must Play AI versus Mode:

Once you have your control and complete grip over gameplay and simple basic tactics in the game, than it the right time shifting to AI versus mode in the game, which present a very challenge scenarios in front of the gamers. The only way to get successful is to have a great tactics and a good strategy gameplay.

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Competitive Multiplayer Mode:

The competitive Multiplayer Mode of the game is the thing to watched out for. There are many wide range of placements matches in multiplayer mode  which will be determining  a gamers skill based on which a opponent will be selected, to explain it in short the battle will be between the New Comer Vs New Comer  or Hardcore Vs Hardcore. Don't think twice jump in and play online it is a must play for each and every StarCraft fans.

Blizzard's has wrapped up each and everything across it, if gamers has used their Steam or Xbox Live or PSN to logging than they will be in the similar environment Friend List, Leaderboard, marketplace which will be premium maps of the game on sale. if not on than gamers can make use of packed in map editor which has a feature to allow to create their own custom battleground and scenario for a campaign.

Graphics and Visual:

There is a huge improvement in the technical aspect of the game which includes graphics and visual. The graphics and visual in the game is a treat for eyes it is mostly due the art direction in the game rather than the raw engine power.

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StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty has live up to the hipe and expectation and it is one of the best real-time strategy game title. Blizzard had taken a risk of not changing the core features of the game which has paid off really very well for them. The more open ended element such as research and upgrade option added to the single player mode of the game awesome. The multiplayer mode is also one of the best. Overall a must game to be included in your gaming library.

Score: 9/10

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