Destiny PS4 Review: Bungie Fails To Deliver On Huge Promises, Top Contender For Biggest Disappointment 2014 Award?


The biggest release of 2014, "Destiny" a brand new sci-fi IP from Bungie, is finally out worldwide. The hype surrounding the game was massive, right from its official announcement for next-gen consoles (especially for PlayStation 4). The aggressive marketing campaign from Sony and some bold claims from Bungie and Activision added up to the pressure to perform and re-write records in the history book. I hardly remember a time that a new IP or a franchise was released with the hype that Destiny has lead to until launch day. So, does it deliver upon hype and expectations? A diplomatic answer to this question would be: "Destiny is a GOOD game" but not as"GREAT" as the hype was, since its announcement suggested. Let's take a look at some important points why Destiny fails to deliver.

Destiny PS4 Review

Story/Plot A Big Let Down:

As Destiny is sci-fi IP, it it set in a distant future in post-apocalyptic setting following prosperous period of exploration, peace, and technological advancement known as the Golden Age. In a world where human race have spread out and colonized planets in the Solar System, an event called as "Collapse" saw the mysterious dissolution of colonies, and end of the so called "Golden Age", and as a result human race are on the brink of extinction. Now the only survivors of the "Collapse" are ones who are living on Earth, they were saved by a white spherical celestial body called as "Traveler". This gigantic planet like sphere, now hovers above Earth, and its existence allows Guardians ability to wield an unknown power, only referred to as "The Light."

In the very first attempt of human race to reconstruct and populate after the Collapse, is discovered that a serious threat "Hostile Aliens" have now occupied colonies. Players take on the role of a Guardian, and main objective is to take back what was their's and wipeout the Alien threat.

Doesn't this story line sounds somewhat familiar, something like this has already seen/heard in previous video games and Hollywood movies? No, problem in previous reference, the painful thing here is Bungie has delivered the narration with uneventful cut-scenes and dialogues that it hardly deserves players attention.

The story is badly written. Bungie defended the move by stating Destiny actually begins at level 20, but gamers don't expected this. It would have been great, if Bungie created a story that arcs through the level from beginning to end.

If you were hoping to see some excellent story/plot with memorable characters that grow over the course of the game, prepare to get yourself disappointed, as Destiny is not like this. This game is simply a loot grinding, alien blasting, levelling up mash-up.

Repetitive Gameplay :

The gameplay is not at all exciting, I personally expected a lot more from Destiny, but now I am paying the price of "Disappointment" for my high expectations. Almost, 90 percent of the missions are exactly the same and out of these 90 percent around 50 percent takes place in exact the same location that player has already cleared earlier. Just for an example, you first spawn at Point A in mission, you move to point B and clear the area by taking down some two to three bosses, this activates a count down and BOOM Game Over. So you move to your next mission, start again from Point A, then go to point B but this time around just a small change in first mission you took right direction and in second you will go left and everything else remains the same, clear the area, boss battle and once again BOOM. You have to follow this routine around 32 times, till you get to level 20.

Gunplay is Amazing But Weapons Variation Disappoint:

The one quality of Destiny that will prove that this game is developed by Bungie is "Gunplay", it is extremely precise. The development team has done an exceptional job with Gunplay, both attacks and hit telegraphed as presented pretty well both visually and acoustically. However, there isn't anything to support these cohesive mechanics. The best example is, lack of weapons variety. Each and every weapon in Destiny is assigned a single and simple mechanic: single-fire or burst fire. You will come across some deviation here and there, however they are not enough to keep game interesting and fun in the long run.

Another demerit is that players have access to only three weapons at a time, and out of these three, two weapons should be special ones with limited ammo. Because of this, players will have to tackle hordes of aliens with primary weapons. Bungie could have overcome this issue by offering weapons with varieties such as two firing modes primary and secondary.

Multiplayer Portion A Mixed Bag:

Speaking of Destiny multiplayer, it can be called a mixed bag, because there isn't really any sort of chat outside the three people in player's fire-team. This is one of the shocking and puzzling element of Destiny multiplayer. Players can't have an interaction via "text or voice chat" with other players when in open hubs, so there is a lack of small chats with other players feature that made MMOs unpredictable doesn't happens in Destiny.

Additionally, there also doesn't seems to be any sort of matchmaking for players who want to play PVP, and this is also surprising considering the fact that Destiny comes from Bungie, the same team that developed HALO.

Playing Co-op Through Mission is FUN:

The biggest of Destiny comes when you play missions in co-op or against other players in Crucible. The missions in the co-op are pretty much the same as the one you play alone, but the enemies are much tougher to live up to the increasing competition. Also, there are RAID Modes where you along with five other players enter a mission to take down some tough and strong boss. Bungie has promised lots of updates and missions in the coming days, so expect hell lot of fun here. If Destiny continues to receive missions and new raids to play through then players should be playing Destiny for months-over-months or even years-after-years.


Talking only about negative thing in this Destiny review, and that may not be entirely fair. As mentioned above, gunplay is exceptional and sound design in Destiny is even better. If you have a group of three people to play and romp through mission and later on have some PVP matches, Destiny offers a satisfying experience. If you are looking for some good first person shooting experience on PlayStation 4 in current time where there isn't much of a selection, I will definitely recommend you giving Destiny a shot, because it is a solid title with a lot of graphical and gameplay polish here and there.

But, if you came to Destiny expecting it to be the next HALO with all the development freedom/no restriction on Bungie, or are planning to play it ALONE, I would recommend you to SKIP IT, and SAVE YOUR MONEY.

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