PES 2015 PC Review: The Taste of Real Soccer

PES 2015

The last installment in the PES series, PES 2014 had been a dose of some real football for us, the brand new Fox engine produced pleasant effects for Soccer fans. Fast forward to PES 2015 and you are served with some kickass sports euphoria, which you can undoubtedly compare with an action packed realistic Football game on the pitch. 

Those who had given up on PES and moved on to the EA Sports' series will now have a strong reason to decide their loyalties as PES 2015 is back with vengeance. 

PES 2015

The late release of PES 2015 has worked very well to its advantage, this game comes out as a clear winner if compared to its rivals in almost all aspects. Lets see why "The Pitch is Ours" tag suits the best for Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.


Graphics is a rich factor which makes PES 2015 stand out, you will notice that Konami has paid attention to the slightest details possible for the games of this genre. Gameplay is created to be as real as possible. With the use of 3D modelling and 3D sculpting Konami claims to have generated 1000 real player faces. 

PES 2015

The efforts are noticeable, from faces and hairstyles to running or shooting styles, I was astonished at how far the technology has allowed us to come. PES 2015 builds up the nervousness of a world cup final right from the locker room itself. Thrilled players emerging from the room warming up, reaching the pitch to sing their national anthem in unison and roaring of the audience will unleash you on the stadium itself. 

A changeable weather system has been an interesting part of PES 2015, who does not like to play a muddy game of football out in the rain? Details like players kits also change according to the weather or other conditions. In short the the overall graphics are realistic and enhance your gameplay in a well suited manner.

What PES 2015 is all about

You do not just win a PES 2015 game, you need to strive and achieve your goals. The AI will work hard to create dynamic on field atmosphere and situations, which can be won over with precise action plans. It will effectively cover up for the complications which are induced through your human brain. The formation system will freely allow you to concentrate on various strategies for attack as well as defenses. 

Different teams and individual players will play differently according to their own style, shooting, tricks, goals celebrations and everything compared to their real counterparts, like Atlético Madrid will have the tendency of passing to the back, Chelsea will smartly defend the corners and Real Madrid will offer threatening players like Ronaldo and Bale.

Sometimes the players do get a bit confused or sloppy leaving you on edge of your seat yelling for him to make a better move, while some will fascinate you with the surge of sudden power which only its developers have the potential to explain.

PES 2015 Gameplay

You will be well rewarded for the wins that you achieve from a crisp gameplay, consisting of finely balanced tactics. Football Life and Become a Legend offers various options for creating players whose career you will build up. The interesting part of PES 2015 is myClub, it provides a fully loaded, online experienced counterpart to FIFA's Ultimate Team.

For forming your own hell-wreaking team, you will require in-game currency i.e. "GP", these can be earned through a new in-game currency system or if you wish to progress faster you can even shell out some real money and buy more GP.

I also found the online experience to be a very well crafted one, there are options for all types of players, from simple one on one to 11 vs. 11 with amazing lobbies to look out for. With all the online server chaos currently downgrading other games, Konami has taken good care in this matter with stable servers of PES 2015.


I do not claim for PES 2015 to be a completely never seen before game of football, but the concoction of various elements present an entirely unique experience. There would be a list of things for which PES 2015 could be victorious against FIFA 15.  PES 2015 offers core football gameplay, stable online experience, excellent gaming AI, which makes matters tough by putting you into various challenging situations, and much more.

Although there still are areas for improvement in PES 2015, considering the slow replays or age old menus, but this game is a huge leap forward. I would recommend buying PES 2015 if you want to taste some real football on your gaming machines.

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