Far Cry Primal Review: 10,000 BC Setting Is A Calculated Risk From Ubisoft, Pays Off Really Well

Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal, the latest installment in Far Cry franchise arrived on retail shelves across the globe on February 23. Ubisoft took a bold move of travelling way back in time to 10,000 BC for setting i.e. the time where tribes, mammoths and tigers roam freely on the Earth. This decision of Ubisoft has shunted Far Cry franchise in a new territory, and the way they promoted the game it look like a calculated risk, but the main question that needs to be answered here is: did this gamble paid off? Let us try to find out the answer in our review below. In Far Cry Primal, you take on the role of TAKKAR, a member of oppressed Wneja tribe, who is on a quest to reclaim his homeland of Oros from the cannibalistic Udam.

Far Cry Primal

Setting Changes Gameplay Dramatically: 

10,000 BC setting indeed brings a refresh feeling and development team at Ubisoft did a smart piece of work. The atmosphere and the scope are the two main highlights of Far Cry Primal. The guns and the explosives have been replaced with clubs, spears and bows. The lack of explosive firepower is covered handsomely by melee combat and shooting arrows and spears, it feels fun and responsive, and the addition of wildlife is like an icing on the cake.       

Graphics and Visuals:

Comparing graphics and visuals of Far Cry Primal with Far Cry 4 and arguing which one looks better is a valid argument, but from the off Primal is one of the latest examples of why PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are impressive. Take into consideration whatever you can, right from the sheer size and scope or how stunning it looks to get any of the top spot and stares in amazed the stunning lust world, draw distance and other things. The game is powered by Dunia Engine 2, one of the most powerful engine available right now. Mark my word guys, Far Cry Primal looks absolutely stunning on Xbox One (although native resolution is 1440X1080p), Oros is a sight to behold no matter what time (Day or Night), and if you want a much better graphical experience than wait for PC port which is scheduled to launch on March 1.


All the creatures are an integral part of Far Cry Primal. Initially, things start with hunting them for survival but as the game progress, it expands to crafting using remains of animals. In addition to this, Far Cry Primal allow players to tame predators to ride and act as a companion and help in your quest by fighting for your side against enemies. 

Each and every action you perform as Takkar in Far Cry Primal is aiming at regrouping your tribe and building up your village. To level up your weapons and upgrade your village, you will be constantly searching for items such as stones, plants, animal hide and many other things. During this process only you will receive access to new story missions and abilities. 

The one thing that returns from past Far Cry game is outposts and they are called here as camps and hideouts. These things act as fast-travel hubs, the place to take a rest, place loot for players. Indeed, these hideouts and camps will feel like a filler element to extend gameplay but no one should be surprised as recent Far Cry games have been like that only. However, considering the open nature of Far Cry Primal, these elements will still be fun and exciting.


Far Cry Primal new setting bet definitely paid off really well. It definitely brings refresh feel to the franchise. Combat mechanics, depth in crafting, taming and village building brings together a joyful experience which Far Cry loyal fans will cherish for many months to come, and if you are a newcomer to the series then this is the best Far Cry game to try out.


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