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Gran Turismo 5

Sony took a mammoth five years time period for developing Gran Turismo 5 and on top of that the game saw innumerable delays because of some reason or the other. Being fan of the franchise i was bit nervous rather than being excited because these delays created a doubt in my mind that GT 5 will not be able to live up to the promises and expectations it has built over the years. But after playing the game it can be said that GT 5 worth the wait.

Gran Turismo 5 ps3

Depth of Content

In Gran Turismo 5 gamers will never run out of option and choice as they get 1,031 vehicles to choose from, which includes NASCAR racers, hypercars, supercars, ultimate performances vehicles. This ovewhelmingly vast selection of option provided in GT 5 is good enough for leaving gamers baffled by choice.

This doesn't end here, this feast of automobiles is further boosted by 70 tracks that are available in the game which includes facing racing landmark, street circuits, Top Gear Test Track and many more.

A-Spec and B-Spec Events:

For buying cars and leveling up in the game, gamers need to earn credits and so for doing this there are new A Spec and B Spec events. In A Spec event gamers need to make its way through a series of racing track and also achieve any one of the three trophies. Every gamer start being in the Beginner section and as they reach certain level, the next level in the game opens up for them to give them access to more number of tracks and cars. Many events in A Spec event require a particular car or tires for participation.

B Spec is entirely different from A Spec event, it first required driver to be selected for participating in B Spec event. The selection and customization of driver is done in My Home hub. The driver that the gamer select will possess its own abilities and qualities such as mastery in turning into corners, speed, aggressiveness, and temper.

Done with driver selection, gamers can now go on its way to racing track for race, in this event gamers will be given option of coaching  and giving tips to the driver such as how to drive or maintain a slow speed at a particular turn etc.

Arcade Mode:

Arcade mode features three game mode Single Race, Time Trail and Drift mode. In Single Race mode gamers have a racing battle against computer controlled opponents and this racing battle is split into three difficulty levels Beginner, Intermediate and Professional. Time Trail gives gamers an chance to choose their own racing track, cars and even option to customize them.

Drift Trail is entirely based on the drifting ability of gamers, on the basis of which they will be given points. The are also various other criteria in this mode on which grade is awarded to the gamer. All these mode is not new to GT 5 fans who have been playing the game since its first installment.

Option to Create Own Track for Other:

GT 5 allow its gamers to build up their own customize track and upload it for others to play. This new feature added in the game makes the replay value of the game even more. However gamers can only decide the scenery of the track, length and weather they are not given the option of putting obstacles to slow down their enemies

For increasing the difficulty in the personalized race track which they create for others, gamers can only customize the turn to make it sharp.

Online Multiplayer

Online Multiplayer feature in Gran Turismo 5 is one of the best highlight of the game. Its very first game in the series that has gone online and its doesn't disappoint at all. In multiplayer section gamers lands on the track for racing online just by entering in the open lobby in the My Home Hub. If gamers is the host of the lobby that he has the complete right for customizing according to their needs.

Graphics Are Not That Good

It took GT 5 more than 5 years in the making than also surprisingly does not have the best of graphics, although the weather effect in the game is good, the physics and the racing environment in the game is not that appealing. The character models and the spectators look dated and the voice over is also way off sync.

Final Words:

Five Year waiting period is too long but Gran Turismo 5 is worth the wait even though you are not the fan of the series. The new features added in the game is definitely a boost for the game but it comparison to other like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, the later offers much diverse modes than Gran Turismo 5. Graphics wise nothing much has changed, the addition of weather offer is pretty impressive. In short Gran Turismo 5 is worth a shot.


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