The Uncertain: Episode 1 - The Last Quiet Day Game Review

The Uncertain: Episode 1 is developed by an indie development studio Common Games. It is based on a futuristic world, where human race has been eliminated because of constant wars. As a result, the Robots created by humans for the good of mankind have taken over the world and created their own society, driven by logic without any emotion or reasoning. You play as a curious Robot who wants to know more about humans, his thirst for knowledge leads him to paths from where he can never return.

The Uncertain Episode 1 The Last Quiet Day

The Uncertain: Episode 1 Story Mode:

The Uncertain: Episode 1 Story Mode

This game is a simple point and click adventure game offering decent 3D graphics, intriguing puzzles and an engaging story line. The game puts you in the perspective of a robot named RT-217NP, similar to other bots it is built for different functions but has no purpose. This new world is ruled by robots, ample of them are made to conduct specific jobs. 

Similar to them RT-217NP searches for purpose that makes him an odd man out. He is a curious robot who wants to know more about the human race and their culture. According to USS Police humans are extinct by power, but story changes when a ship carrying human’s crash lands near RT's house and he finds that the propaganda by USS on human extinction is false. This discovery leads him to know truth about a rebellious organization whose primary aim was to help humans in surviving. 

The Uncertain: Episode 1 Gameplay:

The Uncertain: Episode 1 Gameplay

I don't usually enjoy point and click games much, but The Uncertain is different. The theme music of the game is really good and keeps you involved. The music is soothing most of the time, but rapidly changes the tone during action moments. 

The game is equally balanced with dialogues and puzzles with occasional cutscenes and QTEs which further add to the story-telling method. As you play the game, the camera toggles between first person view and third person top to down. While solving puzzles and assembling parts you switched to first person mode that makes it convenient. The puzzles  sometimes remind me of The Witness.

The Uncertain: Episode 1

The Uncertain comes with few puzzles at the start, there are few hints for the same. If you feel stuck, then the game will eventually provide you a hint to advance forward.

When you are not solving puzzles, you can roam around the map and interact with other robots and learn about them. The interaction sequence feels non-human, which is necessary for this game as they are robots. Everything feels robotic and has a mechanical feel to it. The developers have grasped the essence of a robot civilization perfectly. This game might give you an answer if you are wondering what might happen if robots wipe out the humans and create their own society. You can also checkout the gamepaly video below. 

The Uncertain: Episode 1 PC Graphic Quality:

The Uncertain: Episode 1 PC Graphic Quality

For an indie title, this game owns good visuals. The graphics are decent enough with minimum glitches. The graphics engine is equipped with the latest graphical effects like Real-time reflections, HBAO and dynamic lighting. 

The Uncertain: Episode 1 PC Graphic

It does look good, but I found the game lacks somewhere in proper graphic optimization. I faced a problem where the game switched between the integrated graphics and the dedicated GPU, which created fps drops.

The Uncertain: Episode 1 Verdict:

The game is an artwork. For a low price you will get a game which has   a good narrative, pretty awesome visuals and harmonious music. If you are looking for a good narrative campaign experience which is different from other games, then The Uncertain: Episode 1 is a perfect choice. 

Ratings: 8/10 

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