Viewsonic XG2401 Review - High Quality Freesync Gaming Monitor at Budget Price

Viewsonic is one among leading brands which understands and delivers best displays for gaming. After ViewSonic XG2703, this time we are reviewing Viewsonic XG2401 gaming monitor. It is made for gamers to match their specific needs such as providing the high refresh rate of up to 144Hz, very short response time of 1ms. It is equipped with AMD free sync technology for adaptive synchronization, low input lag, and black color stabilization. The monitor is equipped with latest features that allow gamers to have an amazing quality screen output. After testing a few games on the same and comparing it with my existing Dell monitor, I found XG2401 has quality wise better. The color output is brilliant and the high response time contributes a lot in FPS gaming.

Viewsonic XG2401

The packaging is very sophisticated as always, I always expect a wall mount kit in the package, but never found with any of the display I have used recently. That’s because it adds a benefit of placing the monitor the way you want, and you are free from the hassle of finding a compatible kit. Well, leaving that aside, this display is VESA Compatible. So we have a choice to buy a 100 x 100 mm wall mount kit from stores. Below is the picture of accessories we get in the box.

Viewsonic XG2401Viewsonic XG2401

  • Two Power cables
  • USB 3.0 Power Cable
  • DisplayPort Cable
  • Wire Management Clip
  • Manuals


Viewsonic XG2401Viewsonic XG2401

Front: So here is the display, it looks very decent, not much styled but themed for serious gamers. All those red stripes are kind of reflection of AMD free sync support. Body Dimensions are 566 mm wide and 432 mm height, the overall depth is about 231 mm. The monitor also features a 3-star energy rating.

Viewsonic XG2401Viewsonic XG2401

Stand elevates up to 15cm from the surface to minimum 6cm, the rotation disc at the bottom allows easy adjustment of display angles. You can also tilt your display to a good deal as you can see in the picture above.

Viewsonic XG2401Viewsonic XG2401

Stand: It has headphone stand and wire management clip at back. For more usability, I really feel the headphone jack should be on side of the display rather than on the stand.

Viewsonic XG2401 Viewsonic XG2401

The monitor has an adjustable stand, with high adjustment and a full tilt angle to shift the monitor into a decent portrait mode. The base stand features a simple design that allows you to rotate the monitor left and right, the rubber base holds desk firmly giving the easy displacement of monitor shifting towards left or right.

Viewsonic XG2401Viewsonic XG2401

Connectivity Ports: All ports are on the back bottom, the connectivity seems easy with enough number of available ports on the monitor. On the right side, there are 2 HDMI Port, one DisplayPort, two USB 3.0 ports, one USB power port and a 3.5mm audio jack. On the left side, there is just the power port.

Viewsonic XG2401Viewsonic XG2401

To connect you can simply tilt the monitor on the left or right and add the connection. The cable management clip helps to keep all the cables aligned behind the stand. This eliminates a problem of cable arrangement thus offering a much cleaner outlook to the desk.

Viewsonic XG2401Viewsonic XG2401

OSD Menu: Buttons to access OSD menu are at the front bottom of the center side. There are 5 buttons, as you can see in above pictures. Among them button 1 and 2 can be used to toggle the display inputs, rest of the navigation is standard. Through the OSD menu, you can activate the Game Mode feature that optimizes color visuals for FPS, RTS and MOBA genre games. It also has Movie, Web, Text, and Mono preset. Few tricks you can do in OSD menu is locking the OSD menu itself to prevent changes until unlocked and also locking the power button for prevention of accidental power button clicks. You can do these by pressing 1 button and holding up or down button respectively for 10 seconds. You can also do various other settings in OSD menu like controlling the speaker volume, setting OSD menu timeout etc.

Internal Speakers: XG2401 lands in Entertainment and Gaming Monitor category. It has a dual 2-watt speaker. The qualities of inbuilt stereo speakers are quite good in comparison to our last review unit Viewsonic XG2703GS. You don't need headphones to enjoy quality gaming. Even while watching movies I preferred the inbuilt speakers. For surround sound output on movies, I will recommend to at least go for a 2.1 channel audio setup. The back audio port also adds an ease to apply headphones if you want to enjoy movie mutely.

Display Quality:

The Screen: XG2401 has a TFT Display, Anti-Glare Glass surface, at 144Hz refresh rate there is lowest input lag further powered by Freesync, and you get a greatly optimized performance. You won't feel less than a pro gamer on it. It has the max resolution of 1920x1080, which is I think is good enough for most of your gaming needs unless you have a fever of 4K gaming. It is suitable for standard PS4 and Xbox One consoles as well but it is mainly a PC gaming-orientated monitor. I used it for hours and it really works well, also it is good enough to eliminate the eyestrain problem. It has the dynamic viewing angles of up to 170 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees vertical. Well, the colors are not maintained fully at wide angles, which is a low point of this model.

AMD free sync: What I like about free sync powered monitors over Nvidia Gsync displays is the price difference, the free sync version gives the quite decent performance with huge savings. For example, XG2401 costs around $260 and the Gsync version of the same model cost $550. And in the end it's not just the display that is best, you will also need a powerful graphics card before expecting huge efforts from any monitor to deal with image tearing, stuttering, and jerkiness for smooth gaming. This is where AMD free sync plays a vital role in keeping the graphic output good. You will need to check whether your GPU is Freesync compatible or not, or else the display output quality will be compromised.

Viewsonic XG2401Viewsonic XG2401

Black Stabilization: This display is also equipped with black stabilization technology. It offers a decent visibility of dark areas while gaming. The monitor also properly maintains other colors and overall contrast ratio. In the above image, you can see a side by side comparison of two screens, among which the first one is Viewsonic. Above you can see the dark stabilization feature, XG2401 gives better visuals of dark areas compared to another Dell HD display.


Overall Viewsonic XG2401 is value for money for its performance and rich amount of features included for specific gaming needs. It is a champ for 1080p gaming. It is not exceptional on design part but upright enough if you are looking for quality 1080p gaming on your PC. Also, we didn’t expect better in the price range of $250 to $300, this model will be our first preference if we are building a budget Gaming rig.

Ratings: 8.5/10

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