B975 Gaming Keyboard Review - Happy Bloody Holidays!


When it comes to gaming peripherals, especially keyboards and mice, there are an almost overwhelming amount of choices out there. With many big name manufacturers creating peripherals specifically aimed at gamers, how does one know what to choose? Bloody Gaming has set itself apart from the competition with its optical Light Strike mechanical switch technology. I discussed it in more detail in my review of the B930 Tenkeyless keyboard, which I liked but didn’t love. This time around, I took a look at Bloody Gaming’s top of the line B975 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard, and also had a glance at the SP30 gaming mouse.

Bloody Gaming B975 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard

B975 Gaming Keyboard Review - Happy Bloody Holidays!
B975 • Bloody Gaming • Fair Use

The B975 keyboard comes with a standard set of keys, no additional game keys cluttering up your desk space. While the accompanying software can be used to remap any key to pretty much any function, I did find myself on occasion wishing for just one or two additional keys so that I don’t have to sacrifice the standard key functionality. Not a big deal, however, and being able to assign functions to any key I want is a nice touch.

Speaking of touch, the B975 is covered in a lovely anti-slip coating that makes keystroke feel secure even during the sweatiest of gaming sessions. The surface by no means make typing on the B975 a chore, as even writing articles and performing non-gaming related activities felt great.

B975 Gaming Keyboard Review - Happy Bloody Holidays!

When it comes to a gaming keyboard, however, feel of the keys is only a part of the equation. Speed and precision are really what it’s all about, and while everyone agrees that mechanical switches are the way to go, Bloody Gaming has been using its Light Strike optical switches for quite some time now. Other manufacturers have followed suit, but Bloody’s implementation is still leading the field. Each hit of a key is concise, precise, and strangely satisfying. You’ll still hear the same tactile “clicky” feedback you’re used to, but not only is latency supposed to be significantly decreased, but longevity should also be improved given the fact that there are no physical parts striking each other.

As with all gaming keyboards these days, the B975 comes fully equipped with RGB backlighting, and it can be configured any number of ways if you can figure out that software, that is. Fortunately, the keyboard comes pre-programmed with several presets that are stored locally on the device, requiring no additional configuration. Just use one of the shortcut keys, and you can pick the desired effect you prefer. I like to keep it simple, but the effect that highlights what key I pressed and fades it out slowly is a lovely preset. It’s super helpful if you’ve pressed the wrong key and you can quickly look down to see what you’ve done. Not that that ever happens to an experienced gaming pro such as myself and any of you reading.

Bloody Gaming SP30 Gaming Mouse

B975 Gaming Keyboard Review - Happy Bloody Holidays!
SP30 • Bloody Gaming • Fair Use

Alongside the B975, Bloody sent over the SP30, a gaming mouse that forgoes fancy futuristics designs and returns to a more classic design.

I’ve been using this mouse for my day-to-day gaming for the better part of a month now and must say that I’m quite pleased. It’s the epitome of function over style, but that’s not to say it’s not stylish. Its simple design is quite appealing, and though I was initially skeptical about the pattern on the side where your thumb rests, it turned out to be very comfortable and provided a sure grip during hectic gaming sessions.

B975 Gaming Keyboard Review - Happy Bloody Holidays!

Its simple design extends to the buttons, providing two thumb buttons and three additional buttons up top. I mostly just used them to change the mouse’s sensitivity quickly, but as with the B975 keyboard, the including software can be used to configure the SP30 to nearly endless possibilities.

The SP30 stacks up very well in the lower end of the pricing spectrum for gamers who want a solid gaming mouse without too many frills blowing up their wallet.

Happy Bloody Holidays!

In conclusion, both the B975 and SP30 would make an excellent addition to any gamer looking to improve on their current setup, provided they’re not too hung up on the software that still offers a pretty terrible user interface. I know this is an area that Bloody is investing in, so there should be improvements in the future. In the meantime, from a hardware and usability perspective, the B975 Light Strike Optical Gaming keyboard and the SP30 gaming mouse both perform excellently and have earned themselves a permanent spot in my game room.

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