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Infamous 2

If you tell me to describe Suker Punch's latest release and a sequel to 2009 smash hit inFamous in just two words, then those two words will be "Explosive" and "Unrelenting". Cole MacGrath returns in a sequel, Infamous 2, which is bigger, badder and far more intense than its predecessor, and this time his enemies are even more deadlier.

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Infamous 2 surpasses its predecessor in every section and department, whether it is gameplay, graphics, visuals, melee combat, anything. Infamous 2 could have easily attained "CLASSIC" status if Suker Punch have added few more things to the game, very first "Online multiplayer" as there are other other super-powered character in the series roster and PS Mover support. Well Infamous 2 is still a great and enjoyable game and it definitely left us eager for third installment.



The best part of infamous franchise is the gameplay story. The first game story was an interesting one, but the sequel keeps player anticipating the next piece in the puzzle and it perfectly fits with the environment. The militia and their leader are present in the game not just as an enemies but as a part of actual gameplay story, while in the original game the enemies were nothing but a gangs that belonged to different conduits.

Infamous 2 story kicks begins immediately after the events of first game. Cole MacGrath has made some new friends and allies, and he is now in New Marais searching for enough Blast Cores to help him destroy "The Beast" that was talked about at the end sequence of the first game in the franchise. With every story mission players complete, they get closer and closer to the "The Beast". We won't reveal more details about the story and spoil the party for everyone, hence in short the best part of Infamous 2 is story.

Overall Presentation:

The original game in the infamous franchise did not look that pretty, and as a result of this it had lesser impact on the fans. Suker Punch has put in lots of effort to enhance the graphics in the sequel so that it could compete with the best one out there in the market. It is clearly visible that Infamous 2 is lots more colorful and draw distance has been increased to a very large extent. Gamers will still come across blurry effect in the background, but it allows to hide the lack of details on the distant buildings.

Infamous 2 clearly shows the talent Suker Punch possess, but it also shows the developer realized very early that their game needed a real overhaul in the graphics and visual department to compete with today's standard.

Fun never Ends:

The fun in Infamous 2 never ends, as there is no shortage of things to do. Side mission works in similar way as it did before, and it allow reclaiming of territory in New Marais. Successfully completing side mission in the game will reward points and on top of that reclaim an area of map from enemies. The developer added a new feature called "UGC" in Infamous 2, which also contribute to the number of mission available.


The UGC feature in Infamous 2 is very easy to use, and the best part is that it does not require any prior knowledge with in-game editor. UGC in Infamous 2 is nothing but a set of basic as well as advance tools which players can make use of to build and set up custom missions. Players can shared their newly created missions online and receive feedback from other players.

The mission created players using UGC are not that complex or scripted as in-game missions, but forces gamers to put on their thinking cap, and this new feature is also a new way for gamers to become more immersed in the game. In short, with UGC, developer has made their open world game more of an open experience.

Improved Melee Combat:

Suker Punch has completely revamp the melee combat in infamous 2. The melee system of the first game was not at its best and many time it gave feels as if the lead character Cole was aimlessly flailing around hoping to somehow hit the enemy. The new fighting styles in Infamous 2 makes more sense and is far more satisfying than the previous game.


Characters Movements:

One thing that fans and critics did not like in the first game was twitchy and overly-sensitive movement of Cole McGrath. This issue still persists in infamous 2, however not to a large extent. Cole's movements in the sequel has been been streamlined, he now moves through the streets, roof-tops, and climbs walls with fluid-like movement.

Frame Rate:

The frame rate in Infamous 2 still struggles here and there, but developer has optimized it and now it is less prone to slow downs as compared to Infamous.


Overall, Suker Punch has done a tremendous job with Infamous 2, with respect to both action and storytelling. The gameplay has seen minimum changes but Cole new powers and abilities rejuvenate the overall experience. The city of New Marais is huge as compare to Empire City, hence players get large area to explore. Suker Punch has addressed all the issues in the original game, and the final product "Infamous 2", its should not be missed by any PS3 owners.

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