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Atlus latest release Catherine is the most mature game that i have came acrossed. There is not doubt that the game is full of sexual innuendo but the real sense of maturity comes from the subject matter that game covers.

Fans will be in dilemma and left wondering whether Catherine is an interactive movie or puzzle/action game or horror/romance?. Atlus has combined all these elements into one artfully presented package called "Catherine". The game is refreshing, tantalizing adventure that offers an interactive experience like none other. At times Catherine can be infuriating but as a whole the package is very very special.

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Lets check out the things in details that make Catherine a must have game title for all.

Awesome Story

Catherine gameplay story is all about a Vincent Brooks, a 32 years old system engineer. Vincent has coasted through his life without any sort of future planning. His care free life suddenly takes a U-turn when his girlfriend of 5 years, Katherine brings the idea of marriage and starts talking about their future, "where they will be in next 10 years".

Vincent is now faced with hard decisions about his relationship with Katherine. He has to take a decision now whether he should marry Katherine and give up his care free lifestyle and become a responsible man.

Things get more worse for Vincent when a seductive hottie named Catherine comes into his life and starts an affair with him. Vincent starts to have nightmares, in which he has to scale a huge wall in-order to avoid falling to his death; a death which will eventually kill him for real. Vincent must scale the wall and also fight other cursed cheaters that appear as anthropomorphized sheep. This curse haunts Vincent every night, he must get to the end of this dream in-order to realize what is really important in his life.

No doubt Catherine is just a story driven game, but this is just fine as i enjoyed watching Vincent’s life unravel. The game's story will definitely strike a chord with anyone who has to make a kind of life-changing decisions that is portrayed in the game


Catherine is a puzzle game at its core. The game comprised of  blocks puzzles that require gamers to arrange blocks in-order to create paths that carry Vincent further up to the wall. However gamers need to keep the urgency cap always on their heads as the wall is constantly dropping from below the main character Vincent.

The game become more frantic when gamers come across special block types. Some of these special blocks may suck up everything gamers put on top of them, while others may blow up creating pile of fragile blocks in their wake. The game requires a very thoughtful and calculated approach as just moving blocks without any sorts of planning will get gamers into an impossible situation.

Puzzles in Catherine are arranged by nights. Each nights containing certain amount of stages and they are capped off with a boss battle puzzle, and this lead to Vincent waking up the next morning. After successfully completing a stage, players are taken to a landing where they can converse with other sheep cursed to climb the walls along with them. Gamers will get to learn new techniques for climbing the wall while speaking with these sheep. Once gamers are ready, they are stuffed in a confessional where Vincent is asked a question that will directly affect the next direction of the story. Catherine has an awesome feature that shows you what the rest of the online community member answered when they were asked the same question.

Catherine puzzle gameplay is divided up with story segment and it usually take place in Stray Sheep bar. Here players can have a char with friends and other bar patrons and learn more about the game's plot. Players will also receive text message from both Catherine as well as Katherine and how they response will dictate the future course of the story. These segments are the most enjoyable especially when Catherine sends Vincent her naughty photos, freaking the guys as well as seducing him at the same time.

Atlus has provided an excellent gameplay package. I was left wanting to play again and again. Players need to play the game again and again in-order to see the different way story ends up is a testament to Catherine’s storytelling.


Catherine control mechanics is very simple and easy to learn. D-Pad is used to move Vincent around, whereas A-button is used to grab blocks. The X-button is used by gamers to deploy any special blocks that they have picked up along the way. In most part control mechanics are tight but player get frustrated a bit because the way lead character Vincent sticks to blocks or walk straight with them when they don't want him to.


Atlus has given Catherine a distinct anime style and guys mark my word this look awesome and great. Catherine make use of both in-game graphics and animated anime cut scenes to the its story. Game's character models are artistic and the boss puzzle battle shows some of the weirdest character design.


Overall sound design in Catherine is great with respect to voice acting. Each and every character in the game is voiced with a genuine sense of acting being implemented throughout. Sound effect in Catherine is neither good nor bad as there isn't much going on in the game apart from puzzle.


Atlus has developed a game that will be talked by fans for many years to come. Catherine's mature themes (both sexual and religious) never crossed the limit of vulgarity and developer has treated this respectfully and provocatively showing all of us a true definition of mature. Catherine is a must have game for all, not everyone will like it, but all of you should try it.

BUY: Catherine


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