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Resistance 3

The wait is finally over, final Resistance title, "Resistance 3", being developed by Insomniac Games is now available. It is still not yet confirmed whether there will be a fourth installment in the franchise, however let's not go that far ahead now, and just concentrate on Resistance 3 as it still proves that it can deliver action and suspense very much similar to Hollywood movie.

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Almost all PS3 gamers loved the first two Resistance game title from the franchise, but now the question arise here is, how does Resistance 3 stack up?. Apart from this, there are other question as well that needs an answer, Is Resistance 3 too difficulty to play?, Is it possible for players to play single player campaign with friend?, what about the weapons in the game?.

We will definitely provide answers to all these questions of fans and many more as we take a look at "THE GOOD" and "THE BAD" of Resistance 3.



Resistance 3 gameplay story take place in the year 1957, and is set straight after the events of Resistance 2. Only 10% of world's population is left alive, and lead character Joseph Capelli is among one of those. He now has a family to protect as he married Susan and has a son.

When Joseph Capelli meets Dr Malikov, he advise him that a a mysterious spire has erected in New York City creating a wormhole. As a result of this, the Earth's temperature plummet to potentially enter another ice-age. Joseph immediately decides to leave his family to save the Earth from freezing.

Will Joseph survive to see his family once again?, this completely depends on you to find out.


The multiplayer portion of Resistance 3 is fully of fun, and the best part is that it can be enjoyed with a friends via Split-screen gameplay. When gamers first start multiplayer mode of Resistance 3 there's only one gun and two skin to choose from, but as they level-up more skins and guns will be available for them to kick the ass of their opponents butts online. Although the multiplayer split screen feature has been included in other games, it's good to see that Insomniac Games has included it in Resistance 3. The different perks that gamers earn when they get a Kill-streak is also fun to witness. Some of these perks are hield, a cloaking device, a hologram and extra ammo.

The best perk and mine personal favourite is if you manage to reach a kill-streak of nine kills. You gets convert into huge Arnie-like figure holding a huge turret. This perk does not last for a long time but it is very fun to use in that particular short time frame.

Split-Screen Co-Op

The great thing that Insomniac did with Resistance 3 is that a friend can help gamers out during the game's main campaign. We know this feature is not a new one, previously it has been used in Halo and Gears of War franchise, but to tell you the truth, it's a feature that hasn't been used too often in recent times.

I played the game alongside my BOSS, "RAIZ" in the same room. The screen size was truncated, but it didn't affect our gameplay experience. The last time we both played a game through Split-screen was "Motorstorm: Apocalypse", it was really very hard to play via split screen as it was very difficulty for both of us to see all the destruction in-front of the street.

We did not faced problem like this in Resistance, and the reason for this, most of Chimeran enemies in Resistance 3 are larger than humans, and so this made easier for both of us to aim and shoot at them. In short Resistance 3 split-screen experience was enjoyable for both of us.

Tons of Guns to play with:

We all know very well that Insomniac Games has never been a stranger when it comes to including different types of guns in its games. The firm included many weapons in Ratchet and Clank franchise and guys guess what Resistance 3 is no different. The game still features machine guns, sniper rifles and shotguns, but every weapons has a secondary firing option which results in many unique and explosive results.

Two of my personal favourite weapons in Resistance 3 are "Chimeran gun called the Auger" and "Mutator". I have never seen or used these weapons in any other video game. The Auger allow you to shoot the enemies even through the walls. The yellow laser in the weapon has the ability to travel through most surfaces and so any enemy hiding cannot escape "AUGER".

At one point in Resistance 3, player have to shoot at human prisoners. The Mutator gun is given to them so that they can shoot and turn these prisoners into mutated mush. To keep the excitement level high, i left it to you to see if for yourself the cool result "Mutator" can do.

One more important thing for all of you, if you make use of a specific weapons frequently, then that particular weapon will level up automatically.

No Health Regeneration

At present time, FPS games are the most abundant and overused genre in the whole video game industry, but Resistance 3 developer Insomniac Games still manages to keep the game fresh and very innovative. The most surprising addition made by Insomniac to Resistance 3 is that it has no health regeneration. This makes Resistance 3 a bit more challenging and also provide survival-like atmosphere for players.

If you are among one of those who are worried about "no health regeneration" in Resistance 3, then i advice you to keep all your worries aside as there's the chance to unlock health regeneration if you wish so. To unlock it, all you need to do is complete the game once on any difficulty level.


Bonuses will unlocked only in Single Player:

This isn't really a flaw in Resistance 3. The very first time i played the game, i completed it successfully on Normal difficult level with my BOSS "RAIZ". And at that time i thought i had unlock "Health Regeneration" and "Unlimited Ammo" bonuses as a reward. But sadly this wasn't the case, as i realized that in-order to get rewarded with those bonuses i have to complete Resistance 3 by myself.

So if you want to get those aforementioned bonuses i advice you to first complete the game by yourself.


Every year we see numerous FPS games, and it's really hard for many of them to stand out in this overcrowded market of today. Insomniac Games has managed to keep Resistance 3 full of fun, and at the same time innovative experience. New and Unique weapons, scary looking enemies and split screen multiplayer are major advantage for me. Reintroduction of health bar system is like a cherry on the cake. GO FOR IT GUYS, for me Resistance 3 is sure and shot a contender for "Game of the YEAR".

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