Crysis Review - Xbox 360


No one will doubt if i say that way back in 2007, the most demanding PC game available in the market was Cryrtek's CRYSIS. It was next to impossible to push the game to its maximum performance, no matter how good gamers GPU was. Critics at that time praised the game, and many considered it to be the best first person shooter.

Several years after the success, the sequel to Crysis, "Crysis 2" arrived not only on PC but also for current generation consoles i.e PS3 and Xbox 360. The result?, another successful title from Crytek.


Console players who played Crysis demanded developer to re-release the original game in the franchise for PS3 and Xbox 360. Cryrtek listened to fans demand, and they launched Crysis on consoles with tons of improvements.

Lets check out THE GOODs and BADs of Crysis console version.


In remastered edition of Crysis, graphics department has seen a huge improvement, all thanks to Cry Engine 3 that was used in Crysis 2. The graphics in console version of the game don't look as good as Crysis, but fans can see bright details of its design, environments and surroundings. The character model in remastered edition of Crysis are crisper than the one on original PC.

Crytek haven't completely redone the graphics of Crysis console version, however they are certainly enhanced to a very large extent with Cry Engine 3.


It has been a long time i played original Crysis on PC. Back then, the gameplay story was excellent but after replaying the entire game again on consoles, i just came to know that it never gets old.

In Crysis, players will take control of Nomad, part of US Special Forces Team. Nomad along with other soldiers is sent on a mission to rescue the archeological team hostages on the nearby island of the Philippines Sea from the North Korean forces. The Super Soldiers hostage rescue operation suddenly turns into HUGE thing as they came to know that an alien force is set to invade the planet.

Console gamers who played Crysis 2 can expect the same kind of story in Crysis as well.

Achievements and Trophies Support

Players who are die hard trophy/achievement hunters, and are looking to expand their trophy/achievement collection will be pleased to know that Crysis on console features full trophy and achievement support. In total there are 50 Achievements/Trophies.


No Multiplayer Mode

Crytek has completely removed the multplayer portion from Crysis console version. Fans who are looking to have some fun with multiplayer action, you will not find it here. Agreed that Crysis is over four years old, but it would still be great for Crytek if they have included multiplayer portion in the game.

Some Bugs and Glitches:

Crytek has fully remastered Crysis console version with a brand new engine and controls, however the game still suffers from occasional glitches. In Crysis console version, there are glitches that players can expect such as enemies floating slightly above the ground or textures in the game flickering. These glitches only occurs occassionally and pretty much don't affect players gameplay and experience. However they are really very annoying when they do occur.


Crysis is four years old game, but still it is one of the best FPS shooters i have ever played. Crysis still have the spark that players love when it comes to shooting genre. If you are among one of those who missed out to play Crysis when it was released on PC, you have another chance to play it, and see why Crysis got such a huge success when it was first launched. The only downside of Crysis console version is that it does not feature online multiplayer mode. However game's graphics, story and intense gameplay justify the $20 price tag.


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