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Cave Story 3D

Cave Story was first released on PC way back in 2004. At that time it was very well received by critics as well as fans of the game. Gamers fell in love with its design instantly stating that it mirrored the best parts of other similar title for example Castlevania and Metroid.

Cave Story 3D

Six year later, Cave Story original developer Pixel teamed up with Nicalis and brought the game to WiiWare and DSiWare. This version of the game received even more praise. Now the developers are finally bringing the game to Nintendo 3DS with few improvements and updates.

Is $39.99 price tag of Cave Story 3DS version worth?, let is find out in our review for the game.



The thing that makes Cave Story 3D version a best is its gameplay. It hasn't changed a bit. On top of that the game features perfect control layout and easy-to-pickup style that players have came across in other iconic games such as Super Mario Bros.

New gamers will love the game all due to its simplistic and responsive controls. Cave Story 3D gameplay features players basic side-scrolling with equal parts platforming and shooting. Just toss in some few environmental hazards and you will have good idea how things play out. As gamers make progress new weapons get bestows upon them. This new weapons helps gamers to explorer the game, as it will be needed to gain access to new areas and in the battle against game's bosses.

Players who feels nostalgic can skip game's Story Mode, and go straight to Classic Mode for more pixelated goodness. Also, if gamers able to overcome certain obstacles they will be granted access to Time Attack Mode.

Surroundings and Environments:

Updated Graphics and Visuals and addition of 3D capability has made this game the best Cave Story game of all time. The environments in the game looks stunning, and at the same time pleasing to eye. Developer has added some outstanding new details to the environments that were not there in the previous versions. No one expected the Cave Story could look so beautiful and amazing. 3D feature in Cave Story is like a cherry on the cake, it further brings surroundings and environments to life, adding dept to 2-D side-scroller.


Cave Story 3D does not feature original score, but this does not implies that its not great. Danny Baranowsky, the man behind the superb music contained within Super Meat Boy has lent his precious talent to 3DS version of Cave Story. I can guarantee all of you that you won't get disappoint with the soundtrack of Cave Story 3D.

The BAD:

No New Content

Players who have played any previous version (free or paid) of Cave Story in the past may not find updated graphics and visual as the only reason to lay down $40. The game features three basic mode, and unchanged story, apart from that nothing else. The updated graphics and 3D feature is the only selling points of this game. The game does not feature any New Game+ option, and this one is one of mine biggest complaint.


Cave Story 3D is really one of the best game for Nintendo 3DS. The developer has not added anything new to the game to differ it from previous version, but still the game is pretty enjoyable. The updates to graphics and visuals, and addition of 3D feature makes the entire gameplay experience a THRILLING one. Danny B. soundtrack in the game is really a ROCKING one. New fans should not see any issue with $40 price tag, but veteran fans may want to hold on a bit until price comes down a bit.

Buy: Cave Story 3D


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