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Battlefield 3 is going to be one of the best game in video game industry history, and there is no question in that. No matter what review score i gave to the game (whether its 0/10 or 10/10), it will sell copies in millions. But luckily for all gamers, Battlefield 3 is a great game with some stunning visuals and graphics clubbed together with some intense action.

Forget every flaws you experience in the beta that may have left a sour taste in your mouth. DICE's Battlefield 3 is the real deal. Battlefield 3 has been in development for three years, and while the game has much larger fan base of PC, it has done exceptionally well on current generation consoles as well. Battlefield 3 make use of Frostbite 2.0 engine which is the main reason behind game's stunning visuals, sound and gameplay (best to date in the franchise history).

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Single Player Campaign:

Battlefield franchise is know for its online multiplayer element, and "Battlefield 3" is no different at all. The game features online multiplayer as well as co-op. Battlefield 3 features awesome campaign to roll through and the story is also very engaging.

The single player campaign of Battlefield 3 takes place in the year 2014, where Sergeant Henry Blackburn leads a team into marines into hostile territory to hunt a high value target named Al-Bashir.

The single player portion of the game has a tenancy to jump back and forth between time periods and so gamers need to pay attention to it in-order to avoid any sorts of confusion.

Gamers will play as Blackburn and a handful of other characters who are some way or the other involved in Black's Story. We have seen this type of story set up many a times before, but there is no need to worry as DICE has put Battlefield 3 campaign really very well with tons of variation with respect to both action and the pace.

Online Exclusive Co-Op:

Battlefield 3 co-op missions are nothing but a compilation of side story missions that take place on smaller portions of the single player campaign mode. The best part of BF3 co-op is that some of the missions will reward players with multiplayer unlocks which they can make use against the world.

Players will experience many things in the game such as shoot outs in streets, stealthy infiltration. They will provide air support with a helicopter, and also sniper cover during a SWAT mission to free hostages held at an embassy.

In total there are six co-op missions in Battlefield 3. In one of the mission players will find them-self manning a chopper with their partner. One will play as the pilot and other as gunner. This one mission is the best among the available six.


The multiplayer portion of Battlefield 3 is amazing and fantastic. The pace at which it runs is tremendous, levels in the game are well put together, and there are plenty of rooms for players tactical moves.

On PC, Battlefield 3 supports 64 players, and the best thing is that Jets are back. The multiplayer experience of Battlefield 3 on larger maps (Caspian Borders and Operation Firestorm) is EPIC, and this was one thing that fans of recent Bad Company games have been missing. Battlefield 3 taste success even with smaller maps. Two Paris maps are beautiful, while Siene Crossing is full on intense action and fun to play with friends who know what exactly they are doing. Battlefield 3 multiplayer features a total of nine maps. All these maps can be used by gamers with all modes with different layouts.

The most important addition to BF3 multiplayer is suppression. When player fire towards an enemy, irrespective whether the bullet hit him or if bullet go passed he is suppressed, and his vision gets blurred, resulting into less accurate aim, and remains in the same state until he moves or player cease firing. This suppression mechanics is really a brilliant addition, as it make easier for players to tackle snipers, and forces them to stay mobile.

Battlefield 3 features a persistent system of progression, where gamers can unlock new weapons and equipments. In Battlefield 3, the most important thing is that gadgets for all four classes are available from the start, completely opposed to what was the case in Bad Company 2.


Battlefield 3 combat is fun, both fast paced as well as slow paced. Players will get addicted to it very quickly and this will help stabilize their shots and adds to their accuracy to a large extent.

When you are downed and out, other team member can revive you, and the choice to accept the revival or decline it remains with you. The nice thing is that the team mate who want to revive you gets the points for a revival even if you decline.

Graphics and Sounds

Battlefield 3 graphics and visuals are best. No doubt Crytek sets a new bar in graphics and visual with Crysis and Crysis 2, with Battlefield 3 i can say that DICE has met that challenge. The environments and surrounding in the game are amazing and a stunning. Character models in the game look great and the battlefields look fantastic from ground and also from skies above when you are in a chopper or a jet.

Combine Battlefield 3 graphics with excellent sound design, and gameplay, players have quite an engrossing experience on their hands. Gamers having Surround Sound system, ON it with full volume because you are in for a real treat.


Battlefield 3 gamers get plenty of vehicles at their disposal and they vary from map to map. In total there are 22 vehicles. Out of these 22, 4 are planes, 6 are choppers, and 11 are various tanks, armored vehicles and trucks. In addition to these, players will have 51 weapons of choice to equip their load-outs (needs unlocking).


We played PC version of Battlefield 3, so there are few points worthy of note (technical side). The very first thing is that, the game is started via Battlelog. Its a new web service that tracks player profile, stats, friends and so on. Initially, Battlelog will feel like pain but as players get used to it their thinking will change. Let me tell you two amazing benefits of Battlelog.

It features integrated server browser. With just couple of clicks, players will be able to search for a server that corresponds to their desire. These things happens in a split of a seconds.

Battlelog is really very quick. When player start up the game, most of the stuff is loaded in the background, and this allows them to carry on surfing and checking something else. Once the game window opens up the loading is surprisingly short.


Battlefield 3 is a MASTERPIECE from DICE. The co-op and single player campaign of the game are entertaining and enjoyable. The multiplayer modes and new features are next to perfect. Battlefield 3 on PC is very much close to next generation capabilities. The game is visually stunning with extremely high degree of realism. Battlefield 3 is one hell of a experience, and a must have PC multiplayer shooter of the year.

Rating: 10/10

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