Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Preview

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Preview

When Ubisoft announced last winter the release of a new Assassin's Creed for the end of this year, we were all a bit skeptical because it was hard to imagine how the developers of Montreal could successfully match the results of the first two years with only a small development. So Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is it merely an extension or an adventure in itself? A big question we are now able to answer. The scenario takes place shortly after the events of Assassin's Creed 2. It begins  with Ezio entering into the Italy's greatest city Rome to save it from its enemy. Defeating the enemies require Ezio not only strength but also a leadership as he hold a commands over entire Brotherhood that will be on his side in his journey. The only way the Assassins can defeat their enemy is by means of working together.

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Features to Watch:

We discover a direct feature in this version, namely a much more dynamic and more action-oriented dramatic. For example, Ezio can arm themselves with a gun posted on a tower to knock out enemy troops. Too many opponents eventually penetrate into the fortress and the player is forced to fight body to body. The opportunity to see that the fights are more flexible and there are now new opportunities to end the enemy. Ezio may include collecting heavy weapons, like an axe, and swing on its target. The great class. The sequences Free Running also benefit from a novelty: the hero can take a help of cable to climb quickly to the top. One factor that may seem trivial, and it is ultimately very interesting since it seems well integrated into the gameplay.

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The demo takes us into the wonderful city of Rome to the main innovation of this episode: the assistance of teammates recruited throughout the adventure. In gaining the respect of people and winning areas held by the enemy, the player can join the rebel cause. Ezio knows he can not overthrow the government alone with these murderers apprentices is therefore welcome. However, it does not become a professional blade in seconds. Suddenly, the player must ensure learning of his troops, and fully manage their arsenal. Ubisoft has developed a system of levels, as in a role play where participants experience to win as and quests.  We discover a real tactical novel where you can instruct his minions throughout Europe to conduct different missions (done automatically) in order to gain rank. Be careful though not to take too much risk in sending a beginner to break pipe with a goal that is too difficult, if not end it's certain death for your protection! 

You can then customize the capabilities of his small force by giving him different types of weapons via an interface pretty well ruined. As a leader, Ezio has the ability to call for help, either to eliminate a single enemy or when some well-scripted sequences. During a mission that takes place inside the Pantheon in Rome, Ezio must assassinate an important figure. The problem is surrounded by several bodyguards who keep an eye. The team takes on its meaning, three members are hiding in the monument upstream and leap at once to the timing sweep the enemy by surprise. Struggling against a horde of Swiss Guards over-equipped, Ezio can also alert his companions for a battle as a team. The artificial intelligence of "NPC" is supposed to automatically make good decisions, like creating diversions when the enemy is in excess. And since we are talking about massive confrontation, remember that the small guy from Montreal have finally included the crossbow in the inventory of Ezio.

Multiplayer Player Mode of the Game:

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You probably know, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood introduced for the first time a multiplayer mode. A bet not obvious! So is it just a feature developed in a cellar to inflate the items?. That is what answer the question, finally, in part. The method that we tested met the following principle: the computer determines a random target, while another participant takes task of hunting. In short, the game of cat-mouse reconsidered so smart and effective. A radar can determine the proximity of your target, careful though not kill the wrong person to the extent that all players are alike ... We can then use the crowd as a strategic element to slip away, just wait when its target loosely on a roof and jump at the right time. When the player is chased, it must of course avoid his pursuer by hiding and all means possible (sow his opponent, hide in the hay, etc ...). The first amazing experience and really successful. Inspired by Modern Warfare, a system of classes is also expected to provide depth to the multiplayer. In fact, PS3 owners will soon experience a beta exclusive.

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