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Past few games in Resident Evil franchise (forth and fifth installment) got mixed response from critics and fans across the globe, and there's only one reason for this development team focused more on action-oriented element rather than survival horror. Many hardcore fans were disappointed with Resident Evil 4 and 5 as both were based on action-type gameplay and co-op feature, and according to them these are not the features that truly represent what a Resident Evil game should feel or look like.

Resident Evil 6

Now with the release of the latest entry in the series (Resident Evil 6), fans are once again expecting wonders and are hoping that Capcom replaces the tasteless action element with original horror element, zombies and surprises.

So basically the question here is, Has Capcom done it right this time around with Resident Evil 6?. Lets try to find out answer to this in our Resident Evil 6 Review.

Three Storylines: All Unique and Different

For the first time in Resident Evil franchise history, Resident Evil 6 give gamers the option of playing the game with three different campaigns. Not only this, each campaigns has its own start, storyline and ending. Something similar was offered by Capcom in Resident Evil 2 but what fans really got at that time was same story with slightly different angle. But this time around, hardcore fans of the franchise will have three stories each with unique characters, enemies, boss fights and storyline twist and more.

Each Resident Evil 6 campaign has new HUD design so that they all feel different from each other. Fans may think this is just a pretty small change and does not produce desire result, but to tell you guys the truth, a new HUD design mixed varied gameplay is enough to make every campaign feel like a separate game.

All Resident Evil 6 campaign can be played co-op, because each lead characters in the game has a partner to help them in the journey to overcome horror spread  across CHINA. Leon has Helena as partner, Chris has Piers, Jake has Sherry.

The choice of selecting a characters is with gamers, and they can select whoever they want from each campaign. Resident Evil 6 has brought many changes to the franchise and all of them are SUPERB.

NOTE: We have avoided spoilers, and has not provided inside details about all three campaigns of Resident Evil 6, just because we want you guys to figure them out yourself and experience the thrill.


Capcom has made certain changes to main gameplay of Resident Evil 6 which fans of the franchise will love or hate. First important change is that the survival horror theme has been updated to "dramatic horror survival" just to make use of numerous quick-time events that happen in real-time. Basically gamers are prompted to either mash down a button continuously or moving joystick around rapidly in a circular motion.

Now these short mini-games sequences happens when gamers are in the middle of death or life situations and they have to act pretty quickly for survival. This process may feel repetitive to some but the amount of tension it manages to create is just amazing and has never been experienced in previous Resident Evil game.

The second major change made to Resident Evil 6 gameplay is action oriented approach to go along with the new dramatic horror theme. The game sees return of over the should shooting mechanic along with the ability to perform devastating melee attacks. But all these things comes with a price, there are only handful of puzzles. Boss Battles in Resident Evil 6 is pretty engaging and pushes gamers to go that extra mile and limit.

Few fans may criticize Capcom for these changes but according to me both these changes works perfectly with franchise survival genre.

Tons of things to Enjoy:

As soon as gamers complete three campaigns in the game, they will automatically unlock a fourth campaign that features the view point of Ado Wong. This indirectly adds more to Resident Evil 6 story and enjoyment factor.

Wait Wait Wait, there's more. An additional online mode is also unlocked during Resident Evil 6 Campaign called as "Agent Hunt". If you are fed up helping the helpless people in the game than switch to other side and become an enemy.

Graphics and Visuals:

Resident Evil franchise is known for the cinematic feel but Resident Evil 6 takes the franchise to a whole new level with amazing cinematic and stunning visuals and graphics. Compelling voice acting and dialogue are like cherry on the cake. Presentation team of Resident Evil 6 deserve a pat on the back because they made the game feel like a playable Hollywood blockbuster. There are few graphical glitches here and there for example camera occasionally shift in close combat sequences, but is never annoying and can be easily neglected.


Resident Evil 6 is really a masterpiece for newcomers only, and hardcore franchise fans will get a bit disappointed with this as major part of the game is features Call of Duty/Gears of War style action. So if you are a fans of shooter and intense action genre and wants to enjoy it with a bit of horror element than this one is for you. For loyal Resident Evil franchise fans, story is the only reason to pick Resident Evil 6.

Rating: 9/10

Buy: Resident Evil 6


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