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Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Before the release of EA and Danger Close's FPS military shooter Medal of Honor: Warfighter, lots of negativity surrounded it ranging from day one patch to  disappointing beta to previous game in the series that failed to capture fans and new audiences and more. So only one question was there in the minds of FPS military shooting genre fans, does Medal of Honor: Warfighter features element to overcome all the negativity surrounding it before the launch, or its just a game that was doomed from the beginning?.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review

Let's try to figure out, The GOODs and BADs of Medal of Honor: Warfighter in our review below.

Engaging Story

Medal of Honor: Warfighter storyline is pretty engaging and has an emotional factor attached to it. Players take on the role of a US Army Soldiers who are tasked to battle their way through numerous terrorist plot across the globe. Certain characters from first Medal of Honor game (Preacher, Dusty, Voodoo, Mother and new character Stump is also introduced) makes a comeback in Warfighter, and this is when emotional factor mentioned above comes into picture, as lead character is unable to prioritize his personal lives and professional one. Danger Close has presented most of the sequences in a cinematic style (where main focus is on explosion and action). In short MoH: Warfighter features an engaging and in-dept storyline that will make gamers care for in-game characters.

Improvements and Addition to Multilayer mode

In addition to comeback of few old characters, the addictive multiplayer modes also returns in Warfighter with lots of improvements and new addition. First new addition you will notice straight away in MoH: Warfighter is 10 different countries and new set of soldiers to choose from. Gamers first choose between the sniper, assaulter, demolitions, heavy gunner, pointer and Spec ops class and then Within each class pick a soldier from a certain country "UK, US, Sweden, Korea" and more, each comes with their own set of specialization and customization options.

The second new addition is Weapon customization in Medal of Honor: Warfighter, it's more in-depth now. Gamers will be able to change optics, barrel assembly, the muzzle and magazine style. Weapons customization in Warfighter is next to incredible, and the way overall process is presented i think its best and never seen before in this genre. As soon as gamer highlight a particular part of a weapon, the screen zooms into that part giving a perfect picture to gamer to customize it according to his/her need.

This time around upgrades and unlockables will be in limited quantity and will depend completely on the experience point you gain.

Fire Team Buddy is also a new addition MoH: Warfighter multiplayer. Players can benefit from things like respawns, resupply and the most important of all "Cover fire".

Sector Control, Hot Spot and the evergreen Deathmatch multplayer mode also makes a comeback from first MoH game. Developer has added a playlist that gamers pick, and it allow them to switch between any two modes randomly. Battlelog support is also added to the game so that gamers can manage their invites, VoIP channel and other things efficiently.


Medal of Honor: Warfighter is powered by popular Frostbite 2 Engine. There isn't any issue with graphics and visual section of the game, however texture quality at some instances take a hit although slightly, as some character models. However these small things are sometimes acceptable.

These are just few improvements we have listed, to find out more play the game yourself. I doubt you will hardly find anything.

The BAD:

Short and Dull Campaign:

The biggest disappointment of Medal of Honor: Warfighter is dull and short campaign. Medal of Honor series veterans can finish Warfighter campaign in just five hours time, as there's nothing new to do. During your entire campaign gameplay, all you will do is shoot an enemy that pop up from behind cover. Occasionally you will come across some vehicle or chase down sequences. As compare to the campaign in first MoH game, Warfighter campaign is much shorter and doesn't offer anything new.

Less Challenging due to Weak AI:

The single player section of MoH: Warfighter features pretty weak AI, and thus the game hardly offer any sorts of challenge even of the hardest difficulty. Almost at all instances, gamers will experience enemies running towards them or standing right infront doing nothing or hiding behind cover for long time.


There isn't much good thing to say about EA's Medal of Honor: Warfighter, the base of the game "Campaign" is dull and very short, add to the list not so good and encouraging multiplayer. Medal of Honor: Warfighter has fallen short on every expectations, and instead of raising the bar of military shooting FPS genre, the game turned out to be a big disappointment. Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a big improvement in the series, but it does not feature elements to overthrow its competitors and other popular FPS games from their position.

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