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  • Super Street Fighter 4 Review for PS3 and Xbox 360

    In short term Super Street Fighter is getting bigger and most importantly it is getting better and better with every passing successor. Now lets get into deail of this Super Street Fighter 4, a complete surprise pack for the arcade game fans consisting of a 25 character and 10 new character taking a total tally of character to 35, with each and every character having new and different storyline. But the change to talk about is the change in design of the game from 2D to 3D which all the gamer will love for their gameplay.

    Thinking is their anything left, yes this does not end here Super Street Fighter 4 also feature the return of bonus level which include car smashing and barrel bashing in between the level that many of the fans waited for very long and a set of other online features.

    Super Street Fighter 4 has given new lease of life to its franchise with the incorporation of mixture of 2D and 3D gameplay for the fans of the game, and talking the graphics point of view it is the best ever in its series which offer its gamer a better character design with a very interactive game environment. SUper Street Fighter 4 has cross the expectation limit of the gamer and are offering much it is fully compatible with it.

    One important thing where Super Street Fighter 4 take an edge is the Online mode replay feature which will now be availabe to all and where every gamers last 30 online match will get automatically recorded in their battle log. The gamers can replay this recorded gameplay of theirs anytime they wish to rectify their mistake or gain an experience for themself. There is no such provision of replay feature for an gamers who play Super Street Fighter 4 offline with their friends, it is bit disappointment but hope their will be some sort of update regarding this issue soon.

    Super Street 4 offer same button and controller configuration to its gamer so if you have played any of its previous installment before you will not have any issue in this regard and look what else you can get yourself a new Super Strret Fighter 4 arcade sticks which you can se in the previous installment of Super Street Fighter as it is fully compatible with it.

    This online mode also support gamers to have a team battle elimination match in a two VS two or upto four Vs four and a endless battle mode in which if you are winner you have to stay on. All the character in the game are unlock from the start this is something good for some gamers and bad for some as it would have been better if some have been kept lock and gamers has been given a task to unlock them. The Fact that Capcom has made Super Street Fighter 4 less costlier than its previous installment is also a plus point for the gamers and also for the game.

    Conclusion: In short terms Capcom's Super Street Fighter 4 is must for every gamers whether you are tradition one or a new comer to it as it offer great gameplay value with better graphics and fun factor and also a online mode replay feature all this at a low cost. GOR FOR IT.

    Well for Super Street Fighter Pros and cons you still have to wait for it as this game is slated to be release April 30th 2010 so wait for it we get you on it soon as soon as possible and we are bit sre there will be some of them in it as no game is still perfect in each and every aspect more than expected from it with new and much more faster gamer mode and not to forget an interaction with the old levels as well as with the new level also.

  • Splinter Cell Conviction Xbox 360 Review

    After much hipe, speculation and delay surrounding the release of Splinter Cell Conviction for Xbox 360, finally it saw the day of light and releases(The PC version is due on release later this month) with a addition of more action and stealth genre in it. But is this changes made are good or better or best for it, is the main question here?

    Let's not get into much deep in it first and start with basic, There are two main mode called single player and a co-op mode. In single player mode gamers get to play the role of Sam Fisher who is exploring and investigating the cause and person responsible for the death of his daughter, Whereas Co-op mode will consist of new maps and characters and a complete detail of the events and things that occur before Sam Fisher began his search and investigation.

    The Good

    Stealth Re-load

    If you have got your hand before on Splinter Cell Conviction you would know how frustrated and dejected you feel when you get out of a Shadow an get caught and spotted by the enemy of yours, and then it require you to start all over again for the previous checpoint, but this Xbox 360 version is some thing different and interesting for their fans.

    In the Xbox 360 version of Splinter Cell Conviction, Sam Fisher is more speedy, more deadly in any scenario he has been put into, but with the help of this you just can't go through your way to victory easily, but you will be able to misguide and outsmart multiple enemies even if they spotted you, by just selecting your cover and pressing "A", which indirectly reduce the awkward experience you feel when you search for your cover in the previous version of game for other platform. In short and sweet terms the changes and upgrade done to Stealth mechanic is more deadly which was not there in the previous installment of Splinter Cell Conviction.

    Co-Op Campaign

    The one thing you will love in the Splinter Cell Conviction is the Co-op campaign, which show you the effort Ubisoft put in for their fans. This Co-op campaign features news characters and new maps and the gameplay experience is also different from its previous version, an altogether new gameplay concept has been introduce in it. This new gameplay concept is that it allow two gamers at a time to share a mark and execute pool and they work together to get their enemies down as much as 8 at a time. This Co-op campaign is not short also gamers can have their gameplay upto 5 hours in this and single player campaign is 6 to 7 hour long, and in your entire gameplay you will not feel any dull moment and will your entire gameplay.

    The Bad

    The Story

    The Story line is not new and doesn't have that element in it which keep gamers engage in it. The reason behind is far more clear as :24" got cancel, and you are left with only one thing do which is mole working on inside again and again leaing you getting bore. Sam fisher thirst for getting revenge keep gamers interested and focus.

    Co-op campaign also have some sort of drawback like each every mission in this campaign will be ending in an interrogation about some hardcore bad man in the game and you will be feeling as if it has nothing to do with you giving you sense as if you are just here to complete task and get to next mission. But the story line and an excellent gameplay offered by the game overcomes and cover up this drawback.

    Other Modes( Not Much to offer)

    Apart from single player campaign and Co-op campaign, there are other mode of play in Splinter Cell Conviction which offer some extra and addition value to gamers but to limited extent only. In single player campaign and Co-op campaign gamers gamers basically has to kill enemies on a particular map or defend a particular point in the game. The mode which try to offer something different is deathmatch by adding AI solider but this tactics fall on it head. This addition mode was compare with the versus mode which was present in past Splinter Cell games it is no where near it, and the concept of Mercenaries Vs Spies is not seem to be attempted also don't know why the developer does this.


    Apart from some drawbacks here and there, the base of the Splinter Cell Conviction is too strong for this drawback to shatter it, overall Ubisoft does a great job and the co-op campaign of it is just awesome. So a must buy for all.


    • Stealth
    • Co-op Campaign


    • Same Story line
    • Some mode are not up to its expectation
    • Repition of NPC chatter
  • Nintendo DSi XL Review

    If i say you that all the features of Nintendo DS Lite is now available in a bigger and better way will you beleive it?

    Yes, the bigger is the better, this fits perfect for the Nintendo DSi XL which now comes with two 4.2 inch screen which is 93 percent more screen area as compare to DS Lite. Offering all of the features of Nintendo DS lite is now in a bigger and better way. It is available at a price rate of $189.99.


    As of now approximately over 125 millions unit of Nintendo DS worldwide and becoming the best selling video gaming platform, you may ask that why they upgrdade the system now?, According to Nintendo, there gamer wanted to have the same gaming experience in bigger and better way so they have just fulfill their customer wish by giving them bigger screen and a possiblity of plaing two players playing on same machine for example yet to come Photo Dojo game which enable two player to battle together that too on a same machine.

    Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DSi is still available in the market at price of $129.99 and $169.99 respectively, so you can have Nintendo Dsi XL in there place it is bit costlier than these two but spending some extra bugs for better gameplay experience is worth.

    Screen and Resolution of Nintendo DSi XL:

    Well the two screen of Nintendo DSi XL are bigger but the screen quality is same that is Nintendo DSi XL has the same screen  resolution as athat of a Nintendo DSI and Nintendo Lite. There is a valid reason for this if Nintendo had upgrade the screen resolution of Nintendo DSi XL that it would have raise a compatibility issue means existing game wouldn't been compatible with it.

    But Nintendo should have done something atleast to have match the quality offer by Sony PlatStation Portable which currently offer this 480X272 pixels and 16.77 millon color whereas Nintendo DSi XL offer 256X192 and 260000 colorS.

    Testing and Usage of Nintendo DSi XL:

    Already becoming the best selling as compare to its predecessor, the bottom display of it is still touch sensitive which can be access by finger tip or by stylus pen. You can use any one out of two stylus pen which comes with it. Despite the increase in the size of Nintendo DSi XL it is still easy to carry anywhere without any hassle and a matte finish to it at the bottom gives a good grip to it. Previously Kids where able to put eariler Nintendo gaming console in there pocket easily but this will not be possible with Nintendo DSi XL because of it increase in size and weight.

    There is no doubt that playing a game on bigger screen is great experience irrespective whether it is new release or old release and add to it an environment where you can read 100 of classic upcoming book which include the well known writer of all time like William Shakespeare, MArk Twain and others, GO it right soon you will be able to use Nintendo DSi XL as a e-book reader also. This Nintendo DSi XL will consist of two camera, a voice recorder with fun effect studio. You will be able to play digital music on Nintendo DSi XL but only AACs no MP3.

    There Nintendo DSi XL consist of a Wi-fi enable system by means of which you can download games and other software directly from the DSi shop but the issue here is that whatever is availble for this exra large model is over price as compare to other, for example most of the title at DSi Shop are at price of $5 or $8 or 500 to 800 Nintendo points, now compare this with quality titles available at App Store at $1 to $3 only. For parents there is good news this extra large(XL) model still take Nintendo DS game cartridges.

    Nintendo had added some preinstall title but not full version this title is Brain Age Sampler( Brain Age Sample: Math and Brain Age Express: Arts and Letters)  and software (Nintendo DSi Browser and Flipnote Studio) which are already available as free download from any where.


    If you aready have a Nintendo DSi that gonig for this is not that much worth because you will only get to have a bigger screen and some one or two thing extra, and if you don't have any of gaming console and are playing to have one from Nintendo that this is for you, Go for it.


    • Bigger Screen
    • Portable and easy to carry
    • Better grip offering with use of matte finish
    • Take same DS cartridges


    • Game title of it is overpriced and low on quality
    • No change in scsreen resolution
    • Pre install title are small and not full version.
  • Napoleon Total War Review

    Napoleon Total War released a month ago, now lets discuss this fantastic game which follows, with all its splendor, the campaigns that led to the great Napoleon Bonaparte to his glory and subsequent demise.

    Napoleon Total War, deliver a new strategy game from the popular Total War series. There are very few things to add to a game which is itself is so full. This title encompasses everything that a government does in peacetime and war. Napoleon Total War is not just one or various battles. The game brings together the construction of the store from the smallest to the achievement of major military and diplomatic treaties. There are also multiplayer options, better graphics and an improved interface. As the attacker, your goal is to lead the enemy, but as the defender, you only have to endure until the expiration of 20 minutes, 40 minutes or 1 hour depending on the configuration.

    In game despite the heavy burden that can make all this work, we are given the option to self-regulate each region to devote to fulfill the various missions that the government is giving us. The gameplay is the same as in other titles in the series. The turn-based strategy will lead to memorable gameplay where we will also have the option to choose the mode of fighting every battle, which looks very real and get to immerse the player in epic battles royal. On the strategic map the turn-based portion of game takes place where you have to make various strategic decisions, develop research technologies, build infrastructure and moving your army units.

    Napoleon: Total War includes approximately thirty factions throughout the game, though only the following are playable in campaigns:

    • Austria - Campaigns of the Coalition and multiplayer (Europe and Italy)
    • France - Story mode and multiplayer (Europe, Egypt and Italy)
    • United Kingdom - Campaigns of the Coalition and multiplayer (Europe only)
    • Prussia - Campaigns of the Coalition and multiplayer (Europe only)
    • Russia - Campaigns of the Coalition and multiplayer (Europe only)
    • Ottoman Empire - Multiplayer (Egypt only)

    To solve situations, the player will have to view a complete tutorial which will explain the basic instructions of the game. Playing the tutorial, but sometimes quite long, is fully recommended and sometimes required for the uninitiated and to master the commands and multiple menus in the game, which will be crucial to advance our incursions into enemy territory.

    Moreover, another of the main tasks of the game is not only gaining ground but fully preserve the facilities we have or we getting. Moreover, the maintenance of armies will be one more of our everyday duties, since after every battle our army units will be depleted by the ferocity of these so we need to strengthen and create new units.

    The Napoleon's story mode is divided into "ground war" where we learn to move our army units from the battlefield by defeating the British, "Naval War" where our ability to forge the command of the French navy at the Battle of Algeciras and finally "Tutorial Campaign" where General Berthier, the staff officer nearest to Napoleon, teach us to move by a young Napoleon at the siege of Toulon.

    Modes for every type of gamers:

    Napoleon Total War is designed for all types of players. A popular option Campaigns of Napoleon "that after more deeply analyze follow those of "Napoleon's Battles" where we can command the French army in various battles like Trafalgar, Waterloo, the Pyramids and the Nile and many others Austerlitz . Another option open to us is to realize the "Campaigns of the coalition" which will embody the Austrian army under the power of the Habsburgs, the British Royal Navy with the powerful control the seas, the Prussians or Russian navy, with a vast territory in eastern Europe.

    To make matters worse, the study also provided the "Play Battle." In this way we can choose the type of contest to compete against other nations. Among them we can choose the kind - land, sea or siege -. Note that in all we choose to select other countries that are not available in battle. Thus, we can also enjoy the other factions that are available in land and sea battles:

    • Denmark
    • Sweden
    • United Netherlands
    • Portugal
    • Spain

    The coalition campaigns can enjoy two types of game. We can play the campaign with the chosen country on a "Historic" for which we are given a series of victory conditions that are aligned with actual history. Thus we have to go and defend twenty regions in all cases including those conquered country at the time. The final statement gives us the deadline for having all these territories under our control, particularly in December 1812. The other way that we can choose is "world domination" for which we must conquer and defend sixty regions in addition to keeping the country safe we govern. Time to end all these regions under our belt is the same as in the story mode.

    Graphics and Sound

    The graphics have also received a great deal of work. It appears that this title has left nothing to chance and the recreation of the different territories and the sea and the different lakes have a remarkable quality. As in all cases, those who have a good team to play will enjoy a beautiful sight in heading and in the battles, in which each unit has been kept to the smallest detail.

    The case of the facilities also is a noteworthy event because there are hundreds of these stores ranging from the farms through magistrates, secret clubs, universities or ports, among many others. All this show figure comes with a soundtrack tailored to each stage with the effects of water if we are near the sea, animals, wind, etc.


    As if the gaming experience was not rich enough, the player mode helps to increase the fun of the game. For the first time ever in a Total War game you can play the whole campaign mode online against friends, or have opponents drop-in for one-off battles in single player mode. The "Battle joined" allow ourselves to others or join a campaign battle. At any time, when we go into battle we can turn this option that will allow any user who is online can be our rival in a quick battle. This option allows other players Total War take an active part in our individual campaign. This raid can be done both land and naval battle. The game itself has a chat and file historical battles and campaigns that will allow us to see our statistics. On the other hand also includes the popular local online game where we confront our friends.

    We could say that Napoleon Total War covers all the needs of fans of turn-based strategy. It brings together under one power of history with beautiful graphics and excellent audio accompaniment. The gameplay is another strong point, and the dynamism of the headings and battles will we play for hours without noticing the passage of time. Napoleon Total War has stood up, and so far, has won the battle.


    The narrative of Napoleon's history.
    Direct and simple gameplay, but as deep as the user wants.
    Variety of game modes, with many hours of fun.
    Shorter load times


    18Gb of large installation.
    Some battles can be win by exploiting the timer.
    Although some aspects have been polished, they repeat many defects Empire.
    No additional unit formations, e.g. mixed order formation.

  • Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Review

    If you have any knowledge of   by any means you will be aware how it get started, the complete plot of the game take place in the Ancient China and gamers have a choice of selecting any one of the available three kingdom, the kingdom available for the choice are The Wu, The Shu and The Wei. As you done with your choice of kingdom you proceed with selecting the character you want to play, here also you get to choice from a bunch of 40 available character.

    After completing your selection of knigdom and the character you want to play with you proceed with your gameplay by entering into the city which will be full of options and ways of how you can upgrade you character or Warrior to be more precise with you. There will be an acadamey where gamers can upgrade their Warrior abilities of fury, musou along with various other basic abilities also. There is one more way by which you can get yourself a new ability. In this case you will be help by Chi who will give you new ability and will also increase your attacking power to a extra level but this depend on the healing of your fellow Warrior who got injured during the battle. For your weapons there will be Orbs which can stick to your weapon resulting into the increase in your defence and your attack power.

    The four Chi power which you get for your character can be attached to both your hand and legs. But this Chi power doesn't help you much as to kill a grunt enemies you have to fire several hits. By the way of blacksmith gamers will be able to upgrade their weapons not only this gamers will also be able to create weapons, a bulliten board will also be there which enables gamers to have a go to new mission, an item shop along with a storage building where you can you store all the elements which you have earn or i should say looted in the battle.

    Reading above things you will feel it is interesting to play Dynasty Warriors, you will feel insterested to play it to some extent, now the question is why?, because if you had your hands on Dynasty Warrior in the past than there will be not much new for you in this version except few things like Fury power which enables your character to convert into the Super Saiyan version allowing you to kill your opponents as if you are killing a flies for a short period of time and many other things, but the issue here is that you have to kill lots of same enemies again and again and again.

    The single player mode of Dynasty Warriors: Strike force is not as good as its previous version baring the first two hours of the game, and there is not much difference as you go ahead and further of your gameplay, you have to perform same ask and do same thing like navigate to blan environment and there fight the enemies and killed them or search for an item and result MISSION COMPLETED. There are some mission which you can complete in a couple of minute, max to max 10 minute is enough for any gamer to complete some of the mission.

    Talking about the graphics of Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce, it like developer has serve the old wine in a new bottle to the gamers, in simply term what they has done is that they have just carry forwarded the PSP version to PS3 version with some extra content and some extra visual effect. The online multiplayer mode of the game is some thing to talk about as it give some sort of liftment which is required for Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce.


    I won't recommend this, if you hard core fan of Dynasty Warrior series than that is other thing. You will not see much new thing in Dynasty Warriors: Strike Force it won't stand the price rate of $50, it will be better if you take its previous version and play because ther ewon't much difference excetp few things. THe only thing good in Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is multiplayer mode but still lots of work is still to be down by the developer to improve. So it will be better if you can get some other game at the same price range.


    • Good gameplay experience,
    • Interesting and exciting air combat


    • Below expectation visual and sound,
    • Not much new from its previous installment,
    • Similar weapons apart from few new ones.
  • Metro 2033 Review

    Metro 2033 is a game develope by Ukrainian company name 4A games. It gives its gamers a cinematic experience along with a first person shooting experience and is loosely based on the best selling novel of the same name.

    Metro 2033 as the name itself indicate to you that it is set in the year 2033, in the city of Moscow. In the start of the game the city of Moscow has been rocked by the nuclear explosion forcing the surviving population of the city to take shelter in an underground subway. The people who took shelter in the underground subway are in a state of panic and had started spliting in to communities and had became enemy of each other, apart from being enemy of each other the people also face COmmunist and Nazis, Now you may be guessing what Nazis are doing in 2033 well thisquetion will be best answered by the developer only.

    But for the people of Moscow there are most worst thing is in place for them, as some radioactive paranormals and monster are on the verge of attacking. Well from the introduction you get the feel as if you will be going to be a part of a full fledge futuristic movie, but it has Metro 2033 has all the element in it to be a successful game title.

    The plot of the game now give you the control of the character name Artyom, who set on the journey to warn other and save lifes of the people from the dark one monster. This whole journey of Artyom takes place in the subway excluding one or two on the land surface. The developer of the Metro 2033 has emphasize more on the surrounding of the game rather than the gameplay but it is not let you that much done a little more emphasize on the gameplay would had make it more thrilling and exciting. My point will be made claer to you by the this example weapons in the Metro 2033 causes a bit low damage it require 10 shotgun for killing a Nazi.

    Developers 4A has to a new thing here which might frustrate a certain community of the gamers, this new thing is that gamers can use ammunition as a currency for upgrading their weapons or for getting new weapons, the plus point in this is that you will have to think twice before firing bullets without any use. The negative point in this is that it won't make any sense for you to spend your ammunition on upgrading for a particular enemy only.

    All along your game play you will be face tough challenge which will be scary and at some point of time you will feel like you won't survive but to get through this you can use the option of stealth. In your gameplay you will come across various trap such as hanging drinking traps and broken glass which will make your sneaking path more difficult and this trap get harder and harder as you progress in this scenario you can use the stealth option for your benefit and can thank the developer for this stealth option.

    The speed at which the game progress is awesome, it will keep you guessing at every moment what is coming next as you will discover every new thing on every step forward, this is the best part of Metro 2033 that it did not give you the sense of monotony get settle in you and keep you guessing what is next.It is being further supported by the amazing and incredible sound effect and add to that the sound of your heartbeat and the sound of your breath. But the local vocal-actor doesn't goes well with the feel and rest of the game and this is one of the thing that has negative effect on the game.

    The game graphic and visual is also a treat for the gamers if you leave alone some of the graphics and visual above the surface of the ground which is not good to some extent.

    All in all, this game is a must-buy. Not for it’s shooting-mechanics, not because it’s challenger to Modern Warfare 2; but because it’s totally different, for the dark tension-filled atmosphere it will immerse you in. Though it lacks multiplayer, the single player more than makes up for it.

    Metro 2033 has to be a must buy game title for the gamers because it is something different from the others and has live up to the expectation what we had from it. The game could have been more better if it has a multiplayer option. Overall the developer of Metro 2033 4A has done a great job.

  • Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand Preview

    Prince of Persia : The Forgotten Sand is a brand new game which is following the series of Prince of Persia by Ubisoft. The game was announced on March 18 for Wii. Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand also comes with a free copy of the similar version for Super Nintendo. Most of you might be waiting for the game review. I am going to provide you some really interesting information on the Wii Version of Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand game along with some game tips. First of all I will like to admit that Ubisoft has worked well for the game graphics. Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands has really nice graphical environments with new and exciting puzzles and a lot of new powers to explore. A perfect pack for Prince of Persia fans. The classic version of Prince of Persia game is termed as the best classic game played ever. Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands is released for various platforms. You can also buy the similar version of this game for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, DS and PSP. The game released date was announced March 18.


    Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand

    Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand is the latest game from the Prince of Persia game series. The storyline of the game first begins with Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. A distant magical place where a Prince has to fight with evils to get his kingdom back. Ubisoft Qubec has developed the version of Prince of Persian The Forgotten Sands for Wii and PSP while Ubisoft Montreal is working for PS3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.

    Story continues after Sand of Times :

    The game begins after what the story ends in Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. The prince finishes his adventure in Azad and visits is brother’s kingdom came to know that the royal palace is under the influence of a mighty unknown army which is ruled by an evil and planted for his destruction. The Prince here takes a decision to use the Power of Sand : The Sand Ring to win against all the battle. The power helps the prince to get his kingdom back and also in the due course of time the prince learns the abilities of true leadership and discovers great power. He bounds to have a great responsibly on him for getting engage himself in the greater battle of saving his kingdom.

    As per Nintendo Power the game story revolves around a female called Razia the Dijnn. She seeks Prince help to get freedom for his kingdom which is slaved by a Devil. Prince of Persia game has the ability to take you back in the time of magic and adventure. You will here learn to acquire new powers in the game and learn new tactics for combat. The biggest attraction for the game is the new elemental power given to the king in the puzzle. This has given a new approach tithe entire and major game play of The Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand. In the game as the Prince you will learn to develop new abilities and combat style in a unique way. Those hyper jump events in the game excites me every time whenever I played Prince of Persia. I am waiting how Ubisoft works well to configure those movements on Wii.

    In Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand the Prince will be provided with 4 new powers which are very important for him. The best example for this I can give you is the water control power. Here the Prince can freeze the fountain waters and make them columns for climbing higher. A magical way of getting out of the trouble. Prince can simply climb on them and make his way out. Other than this you will be provided with more 2 minor powers which will be of great help. Prince will have to purchase these minor powers from Razia a Dijnn.

    The character of Prince and his role in the game stays somewhat similar to what you have played already on Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. The minor power will also offer Prince to control small tornadoes and have a shield for protection. The combat style and movements is very much similar to the Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. That does not mean that you are going to play a new version of the same of Sand of Time game. No, there is lot more new in this. For combat part two most important things are needed for you to remember. The first one is crowd control and the other one is enemies envision. This will help you to determine who’s gonna win the match.

    Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand on Wii

    In Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand the Prince will get 3 new magical powers. This 3 new magical powers are called as The Sand Ring. The power will help you to overcome various difficulties in the game. It will help on those places where you will not get ledges to climb, grip to catch and pillar to climb higher. It will acts as life saving pack for you. The 3 magical powers : The Sand Ring will also help you to solve puzzles and server you in navigation. As the Prince if you want this power then first thing you will have to do is to discover the source of this power. In some challenges the Prince have to use all this 3 Power in a single attack. This will led to combination of this power into a single powerful attack where no enemy can withstand.

    Ubisoft has worked really well to configure the movements of Prince of Persia game on Wii. You will really feel a nice and excited way of playing Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand. The Wii Remote will act as the sword of the mighty prince to cut enemies into pieces. For punching the Nunchuk is well configured. The swing of Wii Remote will make the sword to battle in a more deadly manner. Other movements like blocking or rolling are configured properly to the buttons. This is why because the developers does not want more confusion for the gamers with multiple movement configurations.

    Here is a small tip for you. In the game while fighting with a bunch of enemies you will have to track the leader. The leader is the main person in the enemy who navigates everything. If you kill the leader the other group members will run away. But the question comes here how to track the leader. For this you will have to notice a blue aura around the head. You have to fight and also keep a sharp eye on this. Once you got the guy withal blue aura around his head you can simply hit him to dead and the rest will flee. Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand will really take you back in the time of magic and adventure. A unknown place where you are the only hope.

    As you pick the game controller you will find yourself with a super ability of controlling water. You can freeze the water, climb on it as how you climb on poles, walk on walls and make your way out. This makes the Prince unstoppable. I am really excited about this new edition. The controls of the game are familiar to those who had already played the older versions of Prince of Persia. The game fans are really familiar with the game controls and abilities where you get to block, role, jump, climb poles, etc. This keeps you more engaged in the game and the excitement never ends.


    The sound quality of the game is really nice. The game platform is designed cleverly by Ubisoft. The best part of the game which I enjoyed is the sudden rise of the dead from sand which gives you a sudden shock. The Wii version of Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand is really enjoyable and a nice game for the season. For gamers of Prince of Persia it is not quiet tough to learn about the new tactics and powers. But for newbie’s the game gives a bit hard time basically for controls.

  • God of War 3 Review

    Before given you the review of God of War 3 i will tell you what it is all about in one sentence, In God of War 3 the only and primary aim of Kratos is to kill Zeus. For those gamers who haven't played the previous two installment of God of War it is better for them to first get their hands on it and get the complete knowledge of it, and then shift your focus on God of War 3.


    Because it is better to known what has happen in past which is affecting the present.

    The developer of God of War 3, Santa Monica Studio, has use enhance graphics and animation feature to give gamers a never seen graphics in a game, for example the flashback sequence. God of War 3 inshort is a masterpiece with and outstanding graphics Hats off to the developer.

    God of War 3 continues from where its previous installment God of War 2 left, with Kratos and titans climbing the Mount Olympus to seek revenge from Zeus and other Gods, the opening squence of the game is a visual treat to the gamers, as gamer  began the ride on Gaia the landscape will slide which will completely change the mountain area. Apart from this the Poseidon's seahorse-crab creature will also start to attack Gaia resulting into a complete makeover and change of level design, Kratos will find himself caught in the middle and has to make use of its Blades to get out of it, by digging it into the Stone of Gaia.

    From start to finish, gamers come across many such moment breath taking moment fill with extra ordinary graphics and design that too very frequently without any glitches whatsoever, the graphics and gameplay of God of War 3 has taken it to another level where it has set an standard for other to match it. The only explanation to this only can be given by the developer of God of War 3 and according to my thinking they have got some magical stick with them and they have use it in developing such a game.

    But at times you will also come across moment where you will find the pace of the getting slow one such moment is when Kratos is once again strip of his power and weapons and he has to start from the start in getting his power and weapons back by solving the various mysterious puzzle which will in the the range of easy to difficult in term of level of easy. Apart from solving puzzle you will have to battle various enemies for getting your weapons along with new one which will help you in your aim of getting to the top of Mount Olympus for killing Zeus.

    Now for the easy and betterment of the gamers the control for the weapons and the magic associated with each of the weapon has been streamline, what this means is that if you are using Blades of Exile whch is a default Chained blades your magic will be Spartan army palanx area attack, and if you are using Lion gauntles (this Lion gaunltes you will receive later in your gameplay) the magic will be earthquake inducing groun pound. This might affect certain section of gamers as it limit the possiblities of exploring which combination work best for them based on their play style. But this will help you in swaping between your weapons in the midst of a battle with an press of "L1" and "X" only that too without stoping Kratos dead in his track.



    Last but not the least, God of War 3 is the best story amongst it all three, you will feel like that it might be an end to the journey of Kratos but there are still enough in the game for a sequel to take place so don't get shock when you get an announcement of a sequel to God of War 3.

    In short it is a must buy game for every PlayStation 3 owner because of its awesome gameplay and enhance graphic features, So thumps Up to God of War 3 from my side.