Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review – Xbox 360

If i told you to name some of the best flight simulator games on a console, no doubt Ace Combat series will feature in the list. Ace Combat franchise debut way back in 1995 on PS1, since then the franchise has sold more than 10 million units worldwide. When the series was launch in 1995, Ace Combat games remained an exclusive brand for Sony consoles until the Xbox 360 came out.

Current generation console receives many Ace Combat series however they all were not well received as older Ace Combat games. Now to reinvent the franchise, developer Namco Bandai has released a brand new title, “Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.”

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

This new title is not part of main Ace Combat series, but a spin-off game. Now compare to all previous Ace Combat games, where Ace Combat: Assault Horizon stands? lets find out its details in our review.



Ace Combat series has been known for arcade-like feel of a flight simulation, and Assault Horizon lives upto it. For many gamers it may get old, however to make it a fresh experience and easier for gamers who are annoyed by game’s control and mechanics, developer has introduce an all new mode called “Dogfight”.

In DofFightMode, players will have the ability to lock onto other enemies jets. Once players are locked in, and depending on how they maneuver their aircraft, they can tail the enemy, irrespective of how fast they fly through the airspace. Players will see flashing red circle indicator when the target gets locked, and then they can launch their missiles.

Newly added Ground Fights

As soon as i came to know that Namco Bandai announced a new Ace Combat game for 2011, i already sort out things as what to expect from it, same old arcade gameplay. But to everyone’s surprise the game features some ground fights that is new to the Ace Combat franchise. If you are a die hard fan on COD games, one of the thing that you love is when you are able to call in an airstrike via the helicopter or a plane dropping bombs. In Ace Combat games, players get to be that helicopter or a plane which do all the things that they wish to do in COD games.

The best part of Assault Horizon is that the campaign mission in the game is pretty diverse. Players won’t get to be on the plane all the time, and take down targets. This time around gamers get the chance to enjoy both aerial assault and ground fights.

Ground fights in Assault Horizon does not mean that players will be one of the soldier on foot with an objective to kill an enemy. Instead, they will be the air support for the ground team. The best mission i played in Assault Horizon, is when i was put in JET with an objective to kill all the enemies on the ground. It was one of mine best gameplay experience.

Conquest Multiplayer Mode

Online multiplayer was another feature that many Ace Combat fans loved, it was first introduced in Ace Combat 6. The modes that fans of the franchise love from previous Ace Combat games is back, and a brand new Conquest mode has been added to Assault Horizon. In this brand new Conquest mode of Assault Horizon, two teams of eight players will battle against each other either as defending or attacking a world capital such as the Washington D.C.

Gamers have the option to pick whether they want to be fighters, attackers, or bombers and all of them can fly simultaneously. The thing that make this mode even more challenging is that each and every aircraft has their own pros and cons. The very first time i played this new mode, i kept on dying.

Tons of Thing to do

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon campaign isn’t long, average gamers can complete the game in six to eight hours. I recommend all players of Assault Horizon to complete the mission the campaign as they get to unlock levels at each missions. Once done with single-player campaign, there’s online multiplayer awaiting you. As i mentioned earlier, there is a Conquest, and gamers who love deathmatch and the co-op missions, don’t worry Assault Horizon features both.



Almost all Ace Combat game i played in the past features an average story. When Fires of Liberation was launched on Xbox 360, the gameplay story was forgettable and so i soley concentrated on online play instead. Ace Combat fans can expect a same “HOLLOW” story with Assault Horizon.

Assault Horizon will begin in Africa where a group of soldiers is on a mission to eradicate the rebel forces (RUSSIA). As gamers proceed, all kinds of new plot gets revealed, and one thing they will notice is that they keep shifting in one story to the next, end result of this CONFUSED GAMER.

Controls and Mechanics

Newcomers to Ace Combat series will find Assault Horizon controls a tough one to master, and same will be the case veteran Ace Combat gamers. So i advice all of you to give some time to yourself to master Assault Horizon control. Once you get to know the controls and mechanics of the game, you will pretty much enjoy it.


The graphics and visuals of Assault Horizon are dated. As soon as i saw the very first cut-scene, i was dismayed as to how the characters look. No doubt when gamers are at airspace, the sky and environment looks great but as soon as gamers do some ground fights, the graphics are kind of blurry


Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is the best game title in the franchise. The addition of ground fights gives a refreshing feels to fans of the series, and on top of that new Conquest mode adds up a lot of re-playability for the game. Gameplay story lacks a bit, and visual and graphics are somewhat dated, but still Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is still a best flight simulator game that NO SHOULD MISS OUT.

BUY: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon


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