Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer Characters


For the first time, In Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood introducing a never-before-seen multiplayer layer that allows you to choose from a wide range of unique characters, each with their own signature weapons and assassination techniques, and match your skills against other players from around the world.

In Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer players are Templars in training at the Abstergo facility. They use the animus to train by stalking and killing one another. If the game is pre-ordered at, an extra character called “the Harlequin” will be available to play as. One of the multiplayer game modes has been announced in the July edition of Playstation magazine. This mode is called “Wanted”. Six to eight players are dropped on a map, not too small, not too big, where they stalk and kill each other. Each player is given a target, who is another player. Your goal is to find and kill your target without being seen or killed by your own predator. If you break cover, your target sees you and will run away, starting a chase sequence. They will try to hide from you, you have to catch them and kill them.

Eight characters have been confirmed (Courtesan, Hunter, Barber, Priest, Banker, Executioner,Merchant and Doctor) and two special characters, the “Harlequin” available with a pre-order at gamestop, and the “Officer“, available with the “Special Edition” of the game, as seen on

  • Courtesan
  • Hunter
  • Barber
  • Priest
  • Banker(Noble)
  • Executioner
  • Doctor
  • Officer
  • Merchant
  • The Engineer
  • The Smuggler
  • The Footpad
  • The Thief
  • The Mercenary
  • The Hellequin (*New)

The Executioner, Hunter, Banker

The Executioner grabbing the Hunter and in the back the Banker


The Priest pulling the Banker off the roof.

Banker, Courtesan

The Banker chasing the Courtesan

Priest, Hunter

The Priest getting killed by the Hunter

Characters Weapons:

  • The Doctor uses a syringe as his primary weapon. His outfit is different from the doctor in Assassin’s creed II and he wears a mask so that his true identity is unknown.
  • The Courtesan uses a fan as her primary weapon. Her abilities include Smoke Bombs, the Power Charge and the Morph Ability, she can also blend and have hidden Gun.
  • The Executioner uses an Axe as a primary weapon. He also has disguise ability.
  • The Banker (Noble) uses a claw as his primary weapon. His abilities include Smoke bombs, Morph, poison & decoy, disguise, hidden Gun, speed boost and throwing Knives.
  • The Priest uses Dagger as his weapon.
  • The Hunter uses SwitchBlade as primary weapon.
  • The Barber uses razor as his primary weapon.
  • The Merchant
  • The Officer (limited edition/pre-order exclusive)
  • The Engineer uses Compass as weapon.
  • The Smuggler uses the Hidden blade.
  • The Footpad brandishes his two Knives and plants them into flesh, as if they were fangs.
  • The Thief uses a blade from a pair of scissors to deadly effect.
  • The Harlequin uses her two Daggers.

Special Abilities:

  • DISGUISE instantly alters your appearance, shrouding you from potential assassins.
  • SPRINT BOOST gives you a quick jolt of energy, increasing your run speed by 30%.
  • SMOKE BOMB unleashes a noxious cloud of gas that temporarily stuns nearby pursuers.
  • HIDDEN GUN enables you to assassinate at range after lining up your target.
  • MORPH transforms NPCs into duplicates of your character, enabling more effective blending.
  • POISON gives you the ability to wound an opponent with an undetectable and deadly toxin.

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Last Updated on: 09-Nov-2010

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