Battleborn PC Review: Not As Fun As Overwatch, Gearbox Missed A Trick To Go One Up


At the start of 2016, there was hardly any hype surrounding Gearbox’s Battleborn, no doubt some of the fans of Gearbox were interested in the game but it flew under the radar for a lot of players (I am among one of them). Gearbox Software and 2K Games did not spend much on advertising Battleborn, and if you decide to make a list of MUST Play GAMES, Battleborn failed to make it to the list as it was low on the hyper meter. This means gaming community have little to no expectations from Battleborn, and this strategy seems to have worked out in favor of everyone: Gearbox, 2K and Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre fans. Let us take a look at the things we like the most in Battleborn.

Battleborn Review

Art Style:

The art direction and style is one of the major selling points of the game, there might be few players who will feel it is a miss but does have a realistic Wildstar feel to it. Gearbox managed to bring together a fun and beautiful looking art style that matches with the feel of the game. No doubt, currently in the market there is the ton of realistic looking games but not many developers manages to do what Gearbox achieved with Battleborn? just look at the recently released Battlefront 3, it looks gorgeous but lack a depth.

Great Sense of Humor:

The storyline is not that good, but it is a realistic one added with a great sense of humor. The cut-scenes that play feels like a quality cartoon is playing on the screen. The only factor that I felt is amiss here is that there is no lip movement of the characters, and this makes the story play like a graphic novel game. However, there are many interesting parts in the story and we should give credit of it to Gearbox for pulling things off smoothly. For those who are not a big supporter of humor and want to have some serious fun: DON”T EVEN THINK OF OWING Battleborn.

Gameplay and Performance On PC:

Things are not at all complicated when it comes to gameplay element as Battleborn managed to balance things perfectly with shooter and MOBA elements. The wide variety of characters available in the game feels very different personalities and some amazing voice acting. Once you get used to the game there is no doubt that you will be playing it for a long time. Battleborn might see some damage in terms of sales considering the fact that it is releasing just within a few weeks of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and DOOM.

There are many reports on the internet stating that the game runs smoothly for Nvidia cards users but things are completely different for AMD cards user. Battleborn is not the first game with such type of report about performance on PC, so we advise players to give some time to Gearbox to fix things up with AMD.

Not As Fun As Overwatch:

Battleborn was expected to be great (but GOOD will be the right adjective to describe it now) and can be fun with friends but compared to Overwatch it is severely lacking. If you are a fan of Gearbox and the work the studio has done on Borderlands franchise then you will most likely enjoy Battleborn as well, but Overwatch from Blizzard will be a better option if there is any sort of doubts when it comes to picking just one game among the two. The best reason I can provide for going with Overwatch is that anyone that knows gaming knows that Blizzard is where it is at.

Gearbox Missed A Trick To Go One Against Overwatch:

In Battleborn, Gearbox showed some positive sign that they managed to put some quality elements in the game, however, there are some negative signs which hint that the studio was just left stunned and seems like they don’t really known what exactly they are doing. Firstly, the single player portion (multiplayer story mission) requires a beefy internet connection, and this doesn’t make any sense at all. Most of the game is on the developer’s server side so if any untoward or major hiccups occurs in connection players will experience rubberbanding.

Gearbox missed a trick here to go one up against Overwatch. The studio could have easily gone with an exclusive offline singleplayer experience but instead, they choose to cluster the entire game together on a multiplayer platform.


The campaign missions in Battleborn are 40 minutes plus each and yet they don’t have any checkpoints, so if your teams fails, have fun starting from the beginning.


  • Borderlands Style Humor
  • Variety of playable Heroes
  • Campaign and multiplayer
  • Well balanced gameplay


  • Players who drop out are not replaced with new people
  • Minor FPS issues on certain levels.
  • No checkpoints in Campaign
  • After every match, you need to find a new lobby.


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