Beyond: Two Souls Review – PS3


Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream, these are the two best first party developers of Sony (also we can say the most respected developers in today’s time). Naughty Dog has already proven their metal with series like Uncharted and recently released masterpiece The Last of Us, whereas from Quantic Dream we have already received critically acclaimed, Heavy Rain.

Beyond: Two Souls PackShot

Heavy Rains not only received praises from Playstation fans but also from critics across the globe. The pace at which the story progress in Heavy Rain was the key factor for providing exhausting, exhilarating, and, crucially involving experience. In short it was an experience that Playstation 3 gamers never felt before at that time. After a gap of almost three years Quantic Dream is back with yet another PS3 exclusive “Beyond: Two Souls” (a psychological action thriller).

In Beyond: Two Souls, players take on the role of Jodie Holmes (played by Hollywood star Ellen Page) a girl who was born attached to a supernatural being called Aiden who lets her see what no one else can see.

Expectations are really high from Beyond: Two Souls, but the question that really need an answer is, can Quantic Dreams repeat or come close to success The Last of Us?. Let try to find out in our review of Beyond: Two Souls below.

Offers A Unique Experience:

As mention above, expectations from Beyond: Two Souls is massive, but we advice you to keep it under check as this game is not for everyone. Beyond: Two Souls is more of a beautiful interactive Hollywood movie where every decision made by players will determine the final outcome of our lead character Jodie Holmes. Almost every single things in Beyond: Two Souls is unique, it almost give birth to a new video-gaming genre “interactive drama action-adventure video game”.

In short, go for Beyond: Two Souls thinking it as a 10 – 12 hour interactive movie and enjoy every bit of this masterpiece from Quantic Dream with a way it meant to be, and i can assure you that it won’t disappoint you even for a second.

Engaging Story/Plot:

Like Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream has once again concentrated the most on storytelling factor for Beyond: Two Souls, and this time the final outcome is even better. Beyond: Two Souls plot will take you through 15 years of Jodie’s life, from “Age 8 to 23”. However all events won’t play out in chronologically order.

Players will be forced to switch randomly between events of Jodie’s life, “her struggles as a child, under what circumstances she got associated with CIA and why she decides to end his association with CIA and escape the authorities”.

All the above mention scenarios plus a mixture of action, drama and emotion in Beyond: Two Souls provides an engaging storyline. All Playstation 3 gamers out there, i can assure you that you won’t have a dull moment even for a second.

Here is a small and Spoiler Free detail on Beyond: Two Souls Plot:

Unable to handle her superpowers, Jodie’s parents takes a decision to send her to a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) research facility.

At CIA, Jodie meets Dr Nathan Dawkins (played by none other than Willem Dafoe), who is tasked to analyse Jodie’s superpowers. Jodie spend few years of her life at CIA research facility where she is trained into a killing machine, however things take a you turn and Jodie decides to break all association with CIA and escape.

Graphics and Visuals:

Quantic Dream also worked hard on graphics/visuals department of Beyond: Two Souls and it paid off really well. The game looks spectacular on Playstation 3. Quantic Dream developed an all-new engine for the game meant for the PS4, but realized they could adapt it for PS3. Almost all characters in Beyond: Two Souls look exactly like the actors who play them in real life.

Environment and surrounding details are also of top notch. Furthermore how vehicles driving in rain and animals reaction while they get it are so accurate that it will left you wondering does next-gen indeed at this point of time.

Combat and Action Mechanics:

Talking about Combat and Action mechanics, these two factors also play a massive role in making Beyond: Two Souls one of the best, must buy and top contender of Game of the Year Award of 2013.

Combat and action mechanics are pretty simple, all players need to do is move the right stick in the direction they want to attack or defend and the game will execute a variety of moves.

Playing As Aiden is More FUN:

As mention above, Joldie Holmes was born attached to a supernatural being called Aiden who lets her see what no one else can see. Playing Beyond: Two Souls as Aiden makes thing a lot more interesting. Aiden has an ability to cause a mayhem by flipping over cars and even possess enemies to aid Jodie in her Journey.

Furthermore, time an again Aiden also work as a shield for Jodie if she needs to jump out of a train or crash through a police barricade.

Not One or Two But 23 Endings:

Beyond: Two Souls features not one or two but whopping 23 endings, so you’ll probably find yourself playing through all the different choices and watching the different outcomes.


Spectacular graphics/visuals and animation, pretty solid gameplay and an engaging story, Beyond: Two Souls has everything that makes it one of the top contender for GOTY Award 2013. For all Playstation 3 gamers out there, if you want to one one last game on your PS3 before heralding the arrival of PS4 then that game has to be Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls.


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