Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review – PS3

When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was launched, it took the gaming industry by storm and defined the shooter genre. Then came, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, it raised all standard set by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to higher level. COD: MW2 even won Spike’s Shooter of the Year award, and was also the nominee for GOTY.

So there’s no doubt Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 had big shoes to fill, but with most of the original Modern Warfare 2 team gone, including the original creator of COD, did the game live upto all those expectation of fans? Lets find out The GOODs and The BADs of MW3 in our review below.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3



Infinity Ward has overcome all obstacles related to Storyline of Modern Warfare 3. The game features immensely gripping and action packed storyline. From the start of the game till the very end, fans won’t be able to put their controller down even for a second as there is always something happening or about to happen in MW3. The developer has nicely broken the gameplay of Modern Warfare 3 between events with different paces. This implies that MW3 gameplay never feels like constant endless flow.

Spec Ops Mode

Spec Ops mode is often regarded as the third mode of COD title, the co-op mission in Modern Warfare 3 is full of action and entertainment, as it features over the top scenarios for gamers to tackle either by themself, or with friends, or an anonymous random gamer from somewhere around the world. Most of the mission in Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops won’t take long for gamers to complete but each one is enjoyable enough to warrant a replay value, especially with friend.

This time around Spec Ops doesn’t only offers missions, Survival mode is also there for gamers to spend hours into. Survival mode game will last around half an hour, but gamers will find they will spend plenty of hours battling wave upon wave of increasingly harder AI. This sounds very much similar to zombie mode in COD: Black Ops but there is a surprising amount that is different. Players can bring weapons, explosives, perks and killstreaks in between rounds, and all this variations implies that the gameplay is wildly altered.

Fresh Addition to Multiplayer

Call of Duty series is known for its addictive online multiplayer portion. And so the question arise here is what new things Sledgehammer games and Infinity Ward has brought in MW3 to keep it from being a re-skin of previous game in series?. One of the biggest overall change has to be that previously named killstreaks are now point streaks in MW3.

In MW3 players gain rewards from kills, and because of this change, they are encouraged to go after objectives as well, as they will get points towards rewards from completing an objective.

Modern Warfare 3 point streaks falls into three categories, Assault, Support and Specialist. Assault and Support offers brand new point streaks but split the old killstreak into two groups for different types of gamers. Specialist doesn’t give gamers point streaks but new perks, after getting kills, it upgrade player rather than give them air support. All these changes in multiplayer mode sounds very small but now every MW3 gamers can customize their multiplayer experience a little bit more.

There are also some new modes for gamers to enjoy in Modern Warfare 3. Kill confirmed takes the standard Team Death Match and mixes it up by adding dog tags. This dog tags are then used to confirm or deny kills, and this is how points are earned for teams.

Another mode is Team Defender, in this mode gamers must try to control the flag while mounting up kills. This one is very much similar to classic king of the hill type gameplay that is merged with Call of Duty mode capture the flag.

Both these new modes in Modern Warfare 3 offers unique and fresh experiences to fans, and also add a variation value to the multiplayer portion of MW3.

Overall Presentation

Modern Warfare 3 features one of the best graphics in the franchise. Its pretty sure, the game won’t take the best graphics award this year, but still the developer has deliver a high quality visual experience.

Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward has made a massive improvements in Sound department of Modern Warfare 3. This time, the gun shots sound are heavy and more realistic. Explosions sound, teammates shout, almost all sounds work perfectly together in Modern Warfare 3 to create an engrossing atmosphere that intensifies even the smallest of shootouts.

Another area in MW3 that has seen huge improvements is the ANIMATION. The best example to detail this improvement is, when changing between weapons, the onscreen character doesn’t jump quickly and change the second gun, rather the character either unfolds the stock or checks the gun slightly before the gamer is able to make use of it.

This implies that changing weapons in MW3 take a bit longer as compare to previous game but it makes game look more realistic.

The BAD:

Short Campaign

Loyal Call of Duty fans, don’t rush into Modern Warfare 3 expecting a lengthy campaign. No doubt the storyline of Modern Warfare 3 is thoroughly entertaining and it provide a lot of replay value, however it is on the short side with respect to length. Average Modern Warfare player will be able to complete the campaign in 6-8 hours. MW3 campaign is not long but it is very intense, and full of action.


Infinity Ward has developed Modern Warfare 3 on a solid base, it carries forward what fans loved from previous games. The multiplayer portion of the game is fun, fast paced and addictive, whereas the co-op section is also a great one. Storyline of MW3 is action packed and intense, all these things means i will be playing Modern Warfare 3 for months to come. The graphics and visuals haven’t been improved much from Black Ops, but MW3 still looks very impressive. If you are looking for a FPS full of action and fast paced, then look no further than MW3

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