Call of Juarez: The Cartel Review – Xbox 360

The first Call of Juarez game appeared on Xbox 360 way back it 2007. At that time, Gamers and Critics praised the game mainly because it was one of the best shooters in Wild West with great storyline with interesting and engaging characters. Just over two years later, a prequel to the first game was released titled as Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. It was set in the years of 1864-1866. This game proved to be even better, however there was certain technical faults in the game and the gameplay way rather pro-western.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel Xbox 360 box art

Now Techland has changed slightly roving a great western conventions in modern times. The next game title in the franchise Call of Juarez: The Cartel takes us to Los Angeles and Mexico. Three main heroes of the game will have to confront the danger of the modern world. Is this radical change of Call of Juarez game comes out for good?. Lets find it out.


Call of Juared gameplay story revolves around three law enforcement officers (FBI agent, the DEA agent and a cop from LA) working together on a special mission to catch an infamous Mexican Drug Cartel. All these three officers comes from a different background, and this makes slightly different in gameplay. Officer Ben is typical gun-spiller, whereas Eddie and Kim are cool hunks and sexy modern cops who got their skill while growing up on the streets.

Single Player:

In Call of Juarez single player campaign gamers can play as any of the three characters (LAPD Homicide Detective Ben McCall, FBI agent Kim Evans, and DEA agent Eddie Guerra). Each of these characters has slight advantages over the rest, The speciality of Ben is that he is quick to reload and better with short-range weapons, Kim has very steadier aim, and can make use of sniper rifles. Eddie is much better with shotguns, and can dual wield SMGs.

The side quests in the game depends completely upon the character gamers pick up to play. These side quests are not that exciting but they do offers tons of additional XP which gamers can make use of to level up quicker. Gamers can make use of these additional XP to unlock weapons, other weapons are unlock at certain chapters as well, and hence gamers can avoid the side quests and still unlock more weapons.

Gameplay and Weapons:

Call of Juarez: The Cartel gameplay is very much straight forward for a FPS. The game features some car chases, helicopters to blow up, and tons of enemies just to kill. Many times these elements are fun, but gets old too fast. All the weapons in the game are decent, but then also there is nothing that exciting to break up the repetitive waves of enemies. Weapons such as sniper rifles and light machine guns takes a while to unlock, this means that characters designed to take advantages of these weapons will have wait for a long time and need to go on for a good chunk of the game.

Concentration Mode:

The one thing that spice things up in Call of Juarez: The Cartel is Concentration Mode. As gamers earn kills, they fill the Concentration meter and once its get full gamers enter into slow-motion bullet time state for a few seconds. This is an amazing and cool addition.


In Call of Juarez: The Cartel gamers can play 3 player co-op online, and this gets even better to play with some friends. Call of Juarez: The Cartel multiplayer adds to the replay value as gamers can take turns with each characters and play through the game a total of three times.

There are two multiplayer modes “Missions and Team Deathmatch” in the game. Team Deathmatch mode is as standard and simple as it gets. Missions mode are objective type games for example Convict Transport and Gang War. In this mode it doesn’t matter at all what scenario player choose, they just have to complete simple objectives and their teams WINS. Players can level up in multiplayer as well, and just like any other shooter, players level up and unlock new weapons and gear. The multiplayer mode is very simple and does not do anything unique and cool.

The developer should have spent more time in polishing the campaign or should have add an interesting co-op modes. In short multiplayer portion of Call of Juarez: The Cartel does more harm than good.


Call of Juarez: The Cartel graphics in simple words are dated. Deserts, cities, and ghost towns in the game looks solid but character animation is very stiff and uninteresting. Trim levels and locations in the game carries not much details. Vehicles just looks like a rectangular blocks moving on wheels. In addition to all these, each levels in the game there is a strange fog.


Techland has added each and everything that fans of the series wants and love, new modern setting, an online co-op campaign, challenges, but all these things are designed at a very basic level compared to what we have seen in other first person shooter available in the market. If you are a die hard fan of FPS and Call of Juarez series then this game worth renting for a weekend to have bit of fun, but just a bit only.

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